Photo Contest: Your 2013 Best Moment!

Share your favorite year moment and take a chance to win a coupon for a free 500 page photo book, 1000 photos!

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It’s early January and the talks over the milestones of the year that’s gone are still dominating our convos. 2013 was a great year full of crazy, fun, thrilling, and educative moments most of which got the spotlight via our social networks.

From a selfie to a landscape or a party photo, we invite you to upload your favorite year moment here and get the opportunity to win a coupon for a free Colossale photo book, our biggest size photo book –500 pages that is 1000 photos– worth €69,90/$92.27!


How to enter the contest

The PastBook Photo Contest will be open from the 8th of January and will remain open until the 31st  of January 2014 midnight CET.

You are able to submit your entry  via the Collaborative photo book platform, where you can also invite your friends to submit their own moment and make the competition even more fun! You can either upload your photos straight from your computer files or import them directly from your social networks -Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr or Picasa.

The winner

The winner will be announced on the first week of February on our blog, as well as on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. The prize-winning photo moment will be decided by our secret PastBook jury and will get the limelight on our blog!


Where the contest at!?

We are excited to set the contest for the first time on one of our latest assets, the Collaborative photo book platform which we launched only 3 months ago. Collaborative Photo Book allows you to get together with friends and family in one single platform and add an infinite number of photos you’ve taken with them, and ultimately have access to them either online for free or in a printed photo book.

The prize

“One Colossale photo book to rule them all!”

For a special contest we have also set a special prize. The winner will be awarded with a coupon for a free Colossale-size photo book, only to fit his or her 1000 photos, from whichever kind of source!


Terms of privacy

At PastBook we love photos and therefore we show special respect to the privacy of a personal moment. By submitting your photo on the Collaborative photo book, you agree that it’s available to be seen by the rest of the participants. You are also able to view the latter’s photos so in order to keep the balance, we expect from you to respect the privacy of these photos as well.

Type of photos

There is no specific kind of photo that could define the best moment of the year. Whether your pet’s portrait or your cousin’s wedding, they both have equal chances to win!

However, we expect from you not to upload content that is considered inappropriate or insulting, such as nudity, violence or hate speech. PastBook team, at its own discretion, has the right to remove photos considered inappropriate and exclude the participant from the contest.

Please also consider any copyrights or trademarks that you need to respect before submitting a photo.

We hope you understand that these rules are as important to us as to you, and they will facilitate the smooth running of the contest.


The contest starts here!

From us all…



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