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We are REALLY excited about the development of this new release, and now we can share with you all the AWESOME expanded capabilities of our new book creation wizard!

Thanks to our partnership with, we’ve added the ability to select pictures from any source in addition to Facebook and Instagram.

We then looked at all the ways you would like to create a book, (e.g. by Time, or by Album, or by #Tag etc) and turned these into a fast book-making process of just 3 easy steps with a few simple choices. Your book is still ready to browse in seconds, but with even more great content!

At a glance, here’s some of the cool things you can now do with PastBook:



  • Upload photos from your computer or mobile device
  • Import photos from Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, and more
  • Mix and match photos from multiple sources
  • Rearrange the order
  • Create an Instagram book based on #Tag (can use more than one #tag!)
  • Create a book of photos of a Friend




How to create a book from PastBook on Vimeo.


This expansion of features places us to compete with the big-names in the photobook industry, but what sets PastBook apart is the speed and ease with which you can create a book in just 24 seconds from log-in to browsing your book, complete with dates, titles, likes and comments.

Our platform uses the latest HTML5 technology, enabling fast use on any online mobile device including the full range of Apple devices (we don’t use Flash!). So you can kick back on the couch with your iPad, or create your books while on the move!

PastBook provides a completely different user experience – we’re faster, simpler, and easier to use, and we have the best looking fans around! ;)

Do you agree? Try it now and tell us what you think!

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