PastBook update: check out our new homepage!

PastBook has been progressing dynamically during the past months. We have been constantly updating you about our constant evolution; for example, last week we announced our first step towards full Facebook integration. This time, we come to you with another important news: PastBook’s revamped homepage!

Considering feedback from our users and the results from our own observation, we have completely redesigned the PastBook homepage. What was our aim in revolutionizing the face of PastBook? We wanted to communicate what PastBook can do for you, in an instantaneous, creative and wordless way. Here, at PastBook, we believe in the power of images, icons and visual impacts to convey emotions and memories, and we strive to apply this work value both to our product and to our new homepage. We want you to be part of this revolution in photo sharing, incorporating an online, offline and mobile experience wrapped in a new and funky design.


And here is the result: a colourful, animated and interactive homepage, which is now the face of PastBook! The development of this new design was a long, well thought out artistic process. It first started out with Stefano’s sketches on his iPad. Inventive ideas, such as the Cloud formation at the top of the page, enables you, PastBook user, to easily access your social networks and connect them to your PastBook! It is a clear, clean and friendly design meant for your comfort.

Following the initial creative brainstorming, the graphic and design team took it up from there by infusing life and animation into Stefano’s original idea. On this homepage, you can instantly access your Shelfspace by logging in with your Instagram account. For a more direct usage, you can click on “Create it now” and access your photobooks! Knowing how curious and intuitive PastBook users are, we are sure you have not missed the little animations carefully slipped into the PastBook homepage décor; try hovering your cursor on them and see the magic work!


Take the time to explore this new homepage, tailor-made for YOU, and discover more about PastBook. Press coverage, quotes from users, access to our blog, job offers and feedback – everything you need to know about PastBook is right here, in one place. In the words of Steve Blank, serial entrepreneur of 8 startups, “PastBook is even more than solving just problem, it’s solving a human being need: rediscovering own memories.” And this is precisely what we aim at doing with the launch of our new homepage and in the future, with PastBook.

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