Now you can create beautiful photo albums with your friends, on the go!

The new iOS app allows you to privately collect,save and revive memories from social networks and friends. Create, share, print beautiful photo albums in a snap.

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You are constantly grasping moments, photographing instants and saving memories on your phone, now you can recollect those memories and create a photo book with your friends – add photos from your Facebook library or camera roll and create a beautiful photo album in a snap and for free.

Collect and save all the pictures taking during life events, such weddings, parties, concerts, corporate events will not be a problem anymore and you can keep them forever as an E-Book, PDF or printed in a finely designed book.

Making a keepsake photo album of your memories with your friends was never so easy!


These are the 3 steps to guide you through the iOS app,  follow them to create your perfect photo album!

1. Create your book by giving it a title and a description.

Photo 11-06-14 17 05 25

2. Add photos from your camera roll or from your Facebook Library into your iPhone photo album.(You can add all the photos in one tap, just clicking on the button “Select All”)

Photo 11-06-14 16 57 25

3. Invite your friends by SMS, email, Twitter and Facebook, or showing QR Code, to collect their photos.

Photo 11-06-14 16 44 48

That’s it! It’s really fast and simple!

Now you can browse your book in the form of physical book, just touching the screen, download the E-Book or buy the printed version.

For more info about book size,price, delivery time, just clicking on the  Photo i button.

                                                                               Photo 11-06-14 16 45 45



Here are a few other tips and trips to customize your book


Add short description and date to your pictures.

Photo 11-06-14 17 04 12

Reorder your photos. Tap “Edit” or keep pressed on the photo – the pictures will start floating and you will be able to rearrange them.

Photo 11-06-14 16 46 55

Hide dates, hide title and change the cover Photo in just one tap.

Photo 11-06-14 16 46 40

Zoom in a photo. Rotate or delete the photo. Share it on FB, message or email.

Photo 11-06-14 16 46 19

Keep all your books on your iPhone and see them whenever you want

Photo 11-06-14 16 43 59


The app is now faster than ever!

You can upload multiple photos to different books in parallel and the upload will proceed in background, even when you close the app!


Web and iOS experience are synced, you can start from your iPhone and continue on your desktop and vice – versa.

Get Started and create your PastBook now, download on the App Store here.

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