PastBook Happiness Show LIVE / Episode 4



To All Dads Around the World

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we couldn’t otherwise but dedicate the next wonderful PastBook Happiness Show to all the dads. They simply deserve it!

Only a few days is ahead of us before we will be celebrating our favorite heroes. Have you got a present yet? Don’t worry if you don’t. You can still buy a PastBook gift card to make your dad happy on his special day.

What’s more, you can still order a beautiful photo book for your dad now even though it’s just a few days away! The photo book itself will come later than Father’s day but you can print a unique surprise card to give to your dad on Sunday. Inside of the surprise card, there is a note that the PastBook is on the way. Here’s the link to get your pdf. 


For Dads, From Dads

Because of that special day coming up, we decided to share amazing reviews only from our everyday heroes – dads. Some are really to the point like a one-word review, some are so touching you should prepare tissues. Are you ready for this unstoppable wave of emotions? Let’s go!

Review #1 from: Alan | Latrobe, Pennsylvania

“We recently received our PastBook and love it! This is the second year that we have ordered one. We bring them out constantly to share with friends and family. (Let’s face it, no one brings out their laptop to show pictures). PastBook is a treasure trove for memories.”

Review #2 from: Willie | Dallas, Texas


Review #3 from: Michael | San Mateo, California

“Excellent books…. Wonderful coffee table books…. I love it!”

Review #4 from: Michael | Auckland, New Zealand

“Decided to order a PastBook online for my #TeHuiaTours #instagram #hashtags from #pastbook. Very happy with result. Nice to hold a printed colour photo book with my favorite pics.”

Review #5 from: Brian, Old Bridge, New Jersey

“Hi Kate, yes, I did receive my PastBook and gave it to my wife for Mother’s Day yesterday. Saying I was pleased may be the biggest understatement ever. I can’t tell how many times my wife uttered the phrase ‘I love, love this book.’ Again as I was going to bed last night, as she was going through it for umph time, she said: ‘I really love this book. It’s so special. Thank you so much.’ Thank you very much, Brian”

Review #6: Amazing wife | Lake Oswego, Oregon

“Love…Love…Love… my Pastbook. The pictures are large, colorful and clear! Looking at them, just filled my heart…can’t wait to surprise my husband this Fathers Day. Pastbook holds the memories that are dear to us and our family…for the year 2016! Especially nice to see and touch them, printed in a book and not just stored on the computer. Thanks for all you do!”

Review #7 from: Dave | Belmont, Mississippi

“It was simply a matter of a few clicks and my previous year on Facebook was put into a digital hard bound book. You have the option of making some changes to the cover and they shipped it within a couple of days. Excellent service!”

Review #8: Mark | Houston, Texas

“@Jeff, this is what I was talking about yesterday. Get the bigger size, it’s worth it. I love my last 3 years I bought at the same time.”

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