PastBook eBook: A modern gift for a modern dad

PastBook eBook

Let’s face it, your father doesn’t need yet another “The Best Dad” mug or a tie. For your modern dad, we prepared a very special modern gift: PastBook eBook! Spoil your Dad this year, create a nostalgic digital photo book packed with beautiful family snaps from across the years.

Get your eBook for Father’s Day!

Create a photo book and immediately get a high-quality PDF eBook that you can upload on any device and give to your Dad as a perfect gift. The best thing is, it can be done in just one click – our “Father’s Day Family Moments” feature allows you to automagically collect all the Facebook pictures of you and your Dad in a beautiful book of memories. You will receive the eBook immediately, no waiting time, no deadlines.

PastBook eBook

There are more advantages of getting a PastBook eBook right now:

  • You or your dad can download it on any device and show off to family and friends.
  • Access it from anywhere, anytime you feel like it – no Internet connection needed.
  • The quality is superb. Pictures will look outstanding on your phone, tablet, PC and even TV.
  • Finally, it’s just $4.99 and you save trees by going digital.

There are two ways how you can get an eBook with your Family Moments:

1. Create a Family Moments photo book with all the Facebook photos of you and your father (check step-by-step how-to here ») and when you’re ready, hit “Checkout” button. It will take 7-10 business days to get your book delivered but – good news! – you’ll receive a free PDF right away. You can send it to your dad as a gift, share it on social networks, upload on any device with any screen, big or small.

PastBook eBook


2. There is also a way to get just an eBook, without buying the physical one. After creating a Family Moments Photo book, find a button “Buy eBook »” underneath the big green “Checkout” button.

Click it and you’ll be able to browse your book on an interactive tablet. Go through your eBook and hit the button “Buy eBook now” when you are ready.
PastBook eBook


The book is offered at a special price of $4.99, and we will immediately send it to your inbox so that you can have the access to it right away. Here are some ideas on how to make this gift extra-special.

  • If your Dad is far away, send him the eBook via email or any type of messenger and order a physical photo book to be delivered to his address. The book will arrive after Father’s Day but imagine how happy he will be with this unexpected pleasant surprise!
  • Invite all of your relatives over and make a slide show of all the family photos, on a big screen – relive the precious memories together with your loved ones.
  • Get your Dad a tablet and upload the eBook on it. This way he will be able to show off all the beautiful photos of his family wherever and whenever he feels like it.

Get your PastBook eBook now!

PastBook eBook

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