Be part of the new PastBook video!

TL;DR: We are working on a new promo video for PastBook and we need your party/wedding/group-event videos: submit here!

A new cool PastBook product is coming and we need your help for launching it: we are creating a very nice promotional video and we want you to be part of it! Which kind of video we are looking for:

  • parties
  • wedding
  • holidays
  • sport
  • corporate events
  • meet-ups
  • concerts
  • any other life-event where group of people are involved

Few important notes:

  • the video should be about group activities / life-events, the more people are in it the better is it
  • video should be of good quality
  • audio is not important, we’ll remove it
  • we’ll try to use at least part of the video submitted, but we can’t guarantee
  • not too long (we’ll use not more than 10-20 second of it)


  • Thursday, March 27th at 11pm


It’s gonna be fun, thank you very much in advance for your help!

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