“Our furry friends are part of our memories” – Interview with our Customer Penny


If you have pets, you already know this feeling: “Our furry friends are part of our memories” says Penny. Penny has two adorable cats, both are 5 years old. She loves taking photos of them while they are playing around, sleeping, or doing funny stuff. We had an interview with our customer Penny about cat photography, and her latest photo book she created with the photos of her cats:

So, for how long these two cuties are with you?

Well, one of my very close friends has a cat, and the cat was pregnant back then. When she gave birth, my friend asked me if I want to adopt one or two among the kittens. I’ve never thought about having a pet, but when I saw them, they were so adorable. I said “why not”, and adopted two of them, two brothers. They are five years old right now and they are with me for 5 years.

They seem very playful and energetic. Isn’t it difficult to take photos of them? How did you catch these beautiful frames that you showed us?

It is. They move so fast. Also, cats are known as being very independent, so they do what they want to do, and barely follow my commands. But, you have to be patient. Once they pose, it is very aesthetic. Since Kiwi and Piwi are very playful, I caught many nice moments. At the end, I decided to create a photo book with all of their photos so that I can keep it as a beautiful memory. I created another one for my best friend as a gift last year, it was lovely, and I said; why not create another one with my cats photos?

You have two kids as well. How is their relationship with Kiwi and Piwi?

Wonderful. My children love animals as much as they love Kiwi and Piwi. One day Kiwi was missing. My kids thought we completely lost him. They were desperately searching for him, and found him under our car in the garage. That moment I also understand that how much we care about our cats. Even though it is not nice to think it from now, if we somehow lose Kiwi or Piwi, it is also nice to have memories that are kept. Anyway, let’s not mention about negative ones. They enjoy playing together, and I enjoy watching them happy, and also taking their photos!

That’s very sweet! How was your experience while creating the photo book?

I really enjoy to have my memories printed. I see it as something special. When I tried PastBook’s book creation process, I loved the way that it is very fast and easy. I’m working as a banker, and very busy during the day. After that I want to spend quality time with my kids. And afterwards I barely have free time. Also, I don’t trust laptops or smartphones since a small accident may cause me to lose all the photos. So,I chose to create photo books with PastBook because I was able to create my photo book less than 1 minute.

I really enjoy to have my memories printed. I see it as something special. When I tried PastBook’s book creation process, I loved the way that it is very fast and easy“.

Is there anything else you want to share with our readers?

I’d like to say; don’t forget your furry friends. Having an album of funny and sweet moments is nice and special. Also, my kids love to look at them time to time, and laugh together. It strengthens their relationship.

Next Saturday is National Cat Day, and this time it will be an official Caturday! Creating photo books is the best way to celebrate it. Not only cat lovers, but all animal lovers, you can create beautiful photo books of your furry friends, and keep their sweet memories forever.

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