New releases: storyboard and longer captions!

Do you know what we like most about summer? That the days are long and the nights are short. In summer we can sleep less and work more, developing new features, improving the quality of our products, bringing PastBook to the new level of awesomeness. We read scrupulously your feedback and do our best to react on each and every request and satisfy each and every wish.

Here we go, we have new surprises for you!

New Storyboard

Zoom in for the details, zoom out for the broader view! Go to the “Edit” mode, press “Reorder” » “Reorder Manually” or “Fullpage/Minimize” » “Set Manually” and enjoy managing your storyboard! Easily organize your story by dragging photos from one page to another, having the overview of the whole book. This feature allows you to play with the size of the pictures and their order which is, to be honest, quite fun. But most importantly, the new storyboard saves a lot of your time!

PastBook storyboard

Increased amount of characters in captions

Of course it is possible to tell the story using just visuals. Well, it is also possible to watch TV on mute but why would we? “In the beginning was the Word” (John 1:1). We give you an opportunity to use more words in order to give the full descriptions to your photos. Now you can use up to 350 characters as captions for your pictures – three times more than it used to be! It is especially convenient when importing photos from Facebook or Instagram – not a single word will be missed! The captions remain perfectly readable, adjusting to the photos’ colors and taking just enough space to tell the story without obscuring the picture.

increased amount of characters


That’s it for now, go ahead and try how the new features feel!

Create your PastBook now!

Let us know what you think of the new releases and NEVER hesitate to contact us with your comments and suggestions. Thanks to you and your feedback, we are making improvements and becoming a product you want us to be. New awesome features are coming up soon, stay tuned! And thank you for being with us, you are amazing!


The photos used in the book were made by Boudewijn Berends

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