New Releases: 4 Photos per Page, Clear and Clever Design and More!

We have some fabulous news for you: PastBook has officially reached a new level of awesomeness. We have been work-work-working hard to deliver the product that you want, the photo book you deserve. Here we go: 4 photos per page, smooth design of the admin page, customized time range of your Facebook photo story and a new check-out form. Scroll down to read more about the new releases more or go ahead, create a book now and play with the new features!

4 photos per page

We have proudly presented you a full-page and 2 photos per page features. We know you liked it – so did we! We decided to go further and provide you with an option to put four photos on one page. Why? Because well. It looks pretty, doesn’t it?

4 photos per page


In order to fit 4 photos on one page, go to the “Edit” page, press “Layout” or “Rearrange” and enjoy managing your storyboard! Easily organize your story by dragging photos from one page to another, having the overview of the whole book. Press “Resize all”, pick “Four per page” – voilà! All of your photos are neatly organized, and each page of your book fits 4 photos. Pick the size of each individual photo by pressing on it once, twice or three times for a 1/4 sized photo, 1/2 sized, or full-sized photo, respectively.

Story board


Clever and clear design of the admin page

What is PastBook famous for? That’s right, for a very clear layout and easy-to-understand functionalities. Go to the “Edit” page and discover smooth design of the editing header. Everything you might want to do with your PastBook is accessible on the header. Buttons drop down giving you more options to edit your photo book: play with the dates and titles of your photos, the background color of the pages, picture sizes and many more!

Customize the time range of you Facebook story

Your story definitely has a time range. Was it a weekend away? A one-month trip? Or maybe exactly 1000 days since you met? Define the time range of your story, with the exact day, month and year, and we will do the rest for you!

Facebook by time range


New check-out form

Don’t forget to upgrade your book during check-out! You can double-up the size of your book, add a personal quote of the first page, remove the PastBook logo from the back cover and replace it with your own picture. We made our best to make the check-out form clear and appealing: enjoy!

That’s it for now, we will keep you posted about other updates. In the meantime, talk to us! Suggestions, propositions, recommendations or anything you want. Literally, anything. How are you?


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