New PastBook Look and Feel

We promised to keep you up to date about the recent changes and developments in our product. Behold, we are proud to present you the new PastBook features that bring your photo story to the level of absolute splendor! We have released the new full-page layout a couple of weeks ago, and we enjoy it as much as you do. Now it’s time for the minimized photos: check out the new PastBook look and feel!

Enjoy the best quality of your minimized photos – now they are bigger, brighter, better! Just with one click, you can minimize all the photos in your PastBook, or manually select the pictures that you want to appear two per page. Add the captions to make your story even more vivid and colorful!

minimized layout


Have you already seen the new full-page option? The one that expands your photo over the whole page and gives the fullest exposure of the picture? Yes, thank you, we also think that this feature is absolutely awesome. Expand all of your photos with just one click or manually select your favorite ones to spread them to the full-page! The captions will appear on the photos, remaining perfectly readable, adjusting to the photos’ colors.

expand-minimize layout


All the books that you have created in the past will automatically apply the new minimized and full-page layouts. So if you left your PastBook unattended for a couple of days, and then found quite a different product – don’t be scared, this one is way better! Scroll through the updated, improved photo book and feel the difference: we work hard to optimize the user experience and make PastBook prettier, smoother and faster, keeping up with the high quality.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for the new releases – there will be more! If you have questions, comments and/or suggestions, or just want to have a chat, don’t hesitate and drop us a line: we LOVE your feedback!


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