New! FutureBook Helps You Predict Your Future



As experts on memory preservation and cutting-edge technologies, PastBook decided to go even further and developed the product of the future – for the future: The FutureBook.

Predict Your Future with FutureBook

FutureBook is a breakthrough photo book designed by PastBook to help you predict your future. –Click to Tweet

This revolutionary product is using advanced business intelligence, complex algorithms, latest research findings, and thorough trend predictions to look particularly into your future.

How does it look like in action? Simply put, your Facebook activity and online profile with predefined world development determine the futuristic content of the FutureBook. After connecting all the dots, the PastBook pioneering system creates your photo book with your future moments in just a few seconds.

“FutureBook has immense potential to disrupt the entire photo book market and become the cornerstone of capturing memories in the future. We couldn’t be more excited.” reveals Frederico Alves, the Head of Growth at PastBook.

Undoubtedly, the PastBook mission of preserving memories has gone one step further with the revolutionary FutureBook. Only one thing remains – It’s time to look into your future now.

Look into Your Future

your futurebook in 1 click


P.S. We would like to only add one thing – Happy April Fool’s Day! Indeed, we cannot predict your future yet but we’re working on it. :)


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