Mother’s Day Gift: How to Make a Special Photo Book for Your Mom

Mother's Day Photo Books

Mother’s Day is around the corner: if you haven’t though of what you are getting for her, now is the time! Do you want to make her day with the most lovely gift? Do you want it to be really special and unique? Do you want to save your time and spend it with your favorite people instead of wasting it on lines in the mall? We have something for you! A Mother’s Day photo book with all the precious Family Moments will definitely make your mom happy and the best thing is, it can be assembled in just one click!

Get your Family Moments Photo Book – the best Mother’s Day gift!

All Facebook moments where you and your mom are tagged are automagically collected in a beautiful photo book – to store digitally, share with friends or get it printed as a lovely keepsake! How often do you say “Thank you” to your mom? A photo book with all the precious memories you shared with your family will say it for you!

Mother's Day Gift

1. Create.

Creating a Family Moments Photo Book is incredibly easy.

  • Go to our “Mother’s Day Family Moments Photo Book” page.
  • Hit a big purple button.
  • You’ll see a list of your Facebook friends, with your mom on top of it, pre-selected. It means that all Facebook pictures of you and her will be instantly added to your photo book. Add other people that you want to see in your photo book: family members or friends – your call!
  • Click “Create” – and that’s it! Your book is ready!
Check step-by-step instructions on how to create Mother’s Day photo book »

2. Browse.

Your Family Moments with captions and dates will be arranged in a beautiful photo book: flip through its pages and rest assured that the printed version will look exactly like the digital one!

3. Customize.

We layout your book in the best way possible but of course, you have the full freedom to customize it according to your (or your mom’s) taste. Delete the pictures that are not worth printing, rearrange and resize the photos, change the background colors, add or hide captions and dates – bring this gift to perfection!

Mother's Day Gift

4. Add more moments.

There are a lot of awesome moments that you shared with your mom and posted on Facebook. But probably there are also some lovely photos that you keep privately on your computer, Dropbox or Google Photos. With PastBook, you can add pictures from any source and device. A great idea would be to scan old family photos (or take pictures of them) and add them to the book. Your photo book will be an amazing combination of  young and old, contemporary and traditional – a truly special keepsake!

5. Invite relatives.

Some of your family members are not on Facebook? They still can add their pictures to your book! It’s easy: invite them by sending a link to the PastBook you’ve created via email, text message or any social network.

6. Enjoy the memories.

Imagine the look on your mom’s face when she flips through the book of her memories shared with the most important people in her life. Think about all the things your mom did for you, with just one purpose – to make you happy. Now is the time to pay off for everything she went through and say “Thank You” in the right way. Your mom is amazing, she deserves the best Mother’s Day gift. 

Make her happy, get her a Family Moments photo book!

Mother's Day Gift

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