First meetup “Digital life in the Cloud – Photographer to Phonographer”

On Friday the 14th of December, the PastBook headquarters metamorphosed into a cozy conference room with the help of its members, who are qualified both at coding and at moving tables across the room (and at baking, thank you Elisa for those delicious cupcakes and pesto muffins!). We were hosting the first meet-up in the Digital Life in the Cloud series on this day and were really looking forward to exchanging ideas and experience with the people who registered for the event.

Daphne-Channa-Horn - Instagramers AmsterdamOur guest speaker was a representative of Instagramers Amsterdam, Daphne Channa Horn (@ikbendaf), who is an extremely active and creative person on the photography scene in Amsterdam and elsewhere; she actually won the second prize in the first mobile phoneaward (MOPPA) in 2006, so her insight into the word of phonography was extremely precious and relevant to this first meetup. She also brought along her “babies”, that is her favourite cameras among which was an old Kodak Brownie! She sure did make us go back in time with her gadgets.

The first photo - Documented


The Meetup was framed by Giuseppe Prioriello’s introduction, where he presented us with an interesting timeline of the photography, from the olden days to now with the advent of digital photography.


First instagram photo

Daphne deepened this analysis by showing us the first pictures that were uploaded on the Internet, and first Instagram picture. It was a great way to realize how far we have come in terms of technology and audience reach – we realized more than ever that today, we are more connected than ever before in history, due to social networks, and this is an aim that here at PastBook we are trying to achieve; helping you relive the memories spread on social networks :)


The Q&A was one of the most interesting parts of the overall meetup; every member of the group had thought-arising questions, such as “Why do people share and create pictures to be shared on social networks if there is no financial gain from it?” a question that was mostly aimed at photographers who actually post their work online and do not mind that people share their work all over the Internet. People were also very curious about the future of photo sharing – what will be the next “big thing” after Instagram? What did people think about the new Twitter filters? How did people react to the new Instagram format? You could definitely tell by the quality of the questions asked that our audience was far from being inexperienced in the realm of social networks.

Digital Life in the Cloud


In all, it was a great exchange with like-minded people interested in the world of social networking, over a few snacks and a couple of beers (It was a Friday after all!) We really hope everybody who came enjoyed the meet-up as much as we did. The success of this meet-up makes us look forward to the next one; stay tuned if you don’t want to miss out on the second meet-up in the series Digital Life in the Cloud – more details soon, on this blog and on our Facebook page, as per usual :)


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