Meet Our New My Year App: Turn Your Year on Facebook & Instagram into a Beautiful Photo Book!

We are celebrating the end of 2015 with the launch of our brand-new My Year app for iPhone that lets your create and turn your Year on Facebook & Instagram into a Photo Book in one easy tap! The success of our “Relive Your Year” project inspired us to take a step forward and create an even more frictionless and powerful mobile app that enables users to relive their year’s moments on the go – in one easy tap.



We know how important it is to be able to relive special memories; that’s why we are proud to present our new My Year app for iPhone! The app allows you to turn all your Facebook or Instagram moments from 2015 – or any other particular year – into a beautifully printed photo book – a keepsake to preserve your cherished memories forever.

Your Memories In print

With the My Year app, you can create a photo book in a snap: the app automagically arranges all your Facebook or Instagram moments with captions and dates, taken throughout a particular year (back to 2003 on Facebook, 2010 on Instagram). Store it digitally, or print it as a beautiful and unique keepsake delivered right to your doorstep.


Relive Your Years

After the huge success of “Relive Your Year” – a web application that allows users to instantly import photos from Facebook or Instagram based on the year of their choice, we wanted to  expand the frictionless experience of creating photo books to our mobile users. My Year is a smooth, fast and powerful app that allows you to relive your Facebook and Instagram moments and turn them into a beautiful photo book – in just one easy tap! As 2016 approaches, now is a perfect time to relive the memories of the past years and celebrate them with a beautiful keepsake that will stay with you forever.

Instant Photo Book

Download the app and get started!

  1. Pick the year: from 2003 to 2016
  2. Pick the social network: Facebook or Instagram
  3. Tap “Create” button
  4. Enjoy your gorgeous photo book!

It’s as easy as that. The app will arrange your photos with captions and dates in the chronological order, 2 per page. Flip through your year’s memories, tap the pencil to easily customize your photo book: delete moments, change the cover, hide or show photo captions.


Each Year Book has a private link you will receive by email. Open it from your computer for extra customizations: add photos from other social networks or devices, set 1, 2, 3 or 4 photos per page, select a page background, edit each caption, rearrange pictures and more. You can also invite relatives and friends to add photos to your album by sending a private link via text message, email, Twitter or Facebook.

Beautifully Crafted

Professionally bound hardcover books are available in two sizes and can fit up to 1000 pictures on 500 pages, printed on smooth, silky 200-gram paper. Click “Buy Printed” button and relax, your Year Book will be delivered to your doorstep within 7-10 business days.

The app is currently available only for iPhone.


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