Make your own Collaborative Photo Book

How to create a photo book, in less than 2 minutes, with a group of friends?



On Monday, PastBook launched its new product – the Collaborative Photo Book – so you can get together with friends and relatives to relive the special moments you don’t want to forget.

Experience your social memories once again, from weddings, parties, festivals, holidays, you name it. Your photos will be collected into a beautifully designed photo book for you to see digitally or in print.

All the photos your friends and relatives have taken are spread over Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Dropbox, this is the best way to collect them together, on one platform, in one book, as one story. 


So, how easy is it to make?

1. Sign in with Facebook or email

2. Give your photo book a title

3. Invite your friends to upload their photos

4. Upload your own photos from social media

5. Share the book digitally or print for everyone to keep


Try making your own collaborative book with your friends and relatives at:


Check out this video to find out how to create a wonderful book, together with your friends, in less than 2 minutes:


You can begin making your photo book for free here:

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