Last Minute Personal Father’s Day Gift Idea

Father's Day photo books

Have you left Father’s Day gift shopping to the last minute?

Panicking about finding a personal and thoughtful gift that doesn’t look like you grabbed it at 3am from the nearest chain department store?

Or are you and your dad living in different countries and timezones, making it hard to deliver a meaningful present in time?

PastBook to the rescue!


You still have time to give your father a personal photobook experience, filled with memories and special moments from your life.

Introducing… PastBook Gift Certificates, available online 24-7, anywhere in the world, at your own convenience!

The perfect gift for dads who love photography, memories, and you…




1) Decide the book size you want to give:

Piccolo (up to 24 pages, softcover) 13.90 €

Medio (up to 50 pages, hardcover) 29.90 €

Grande (up to 100 pages, hardcover) 39.90 €

2) Purchase a Gift Certificate to cover this value via our secure and trusted online PayPal system

You will receive a printable Gift Certificate with a unique coupon code and instructions on how to redeem

4) Send or give your dad the Gift Certificate, and he can order his PastBook at any time! (Any left over credit can be used on another purchase)


*FREE BONUS*  If you would like a customised Gift Card to accompany your Certificate, email us your selected photo and a personal message, and we’ll design a unique card incorporating your photo and message, which you can then print or email to your father! (Allow 24 hours for turnaround)





With PastBook’s new look, simple book creation wizard, your father can create his book in just minutes. Here are some ideas on what you can do:


* Create the PastBook together with your dad on Father’s Day, and include the whole family in a trip down memory lane

* If your father is on Facebook, you can easily create a book of all his tagged photos in under one minute!

* If your father has an Instagram account, you can easily create a book of his photos based on time-range or #tag

* Mix and match photos from different sources, like Dropbox, Picasa, hard-drive etc for a collage of memories

* Share the PastBook online with friends and family, through Facebook, Twitter or simply by sending the private link




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What do you think of the new PastBook Gift Certificate option?

Would you consider giving one to your family or friends?

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