“Keeping our moments of love forever!” – Interview with our customers Debra and John

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Posing with the sun on the hands, walking at the beach, holding each other tight… Almost every couple knows what these mean! Couples adore taking photos while creating wonderful memories together! That’s true, though, seizing the moments of love shared by you and your loved one is a perfect way to preserve them. At PastBook, we have lovely couples as our customers who create their books of “Moments of Love“. As we are almost in the month of love, we decided to interview our customers Debra and John, a couple who just created their PastBook “Moments of love” photo book.

– Such a lovely couple! Can we learn how long have you guys been together?

Debra: Hi! We have been together for almost 7 years.

John: Yes, almost 7! Next week is our 7th anniversary.

– Wow, that’s great! Congratulations! We are curious to hear how did you meet each other?

John: Let me tell you our story then. I’m sure you’re going to think it’s like in the movies! During my college years, I was going to watch Super Bowl games every week. One of those days, I met my friends and we went to the stadium. Surrounded by a crazy crowd, once the team I supported won, everyone stood up and got crazy. On that moment, I felt ice cold feeling on my back. Apparently, there was a little guy behind me whose milkshake fell down while cheering up for the game. He was Debra’s little cousin.

Debra: Oh my, I still remember how embarrassed I was back then. But, thanks to Timmy, we met each other!

John: Yes, the little guy was so cute, and Debra was apologizing me like hundred times, after that, I barely hear her apologizing (laughs). We laughed, talked more and liked each other a lot.

Debra: He is right, though, I’m almost always right!

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– Well, you guys both funny and lucky to meet each other! What is your favorite thing about being in a relationship?

Debra: It’s always great to have someone who deeply cares about you and wants your happiness, well-being… I mean, also the quality time you spent together is important.

John: I agree… and also the delicious food your stomach will receive…

Debra: (Surprised) John! So, you love me for the food?!

John: (Laughs) I love you!

– Every relationship has funny moments. What is your favorite funny story?

Debra: We have a lot. Actually, our “Moments of Love” book have many of those. We thought it would be great to put all those memories into such a beautiful book that we can always keep with us. I also use Facebook and Instagram but I barely look back or remember the photos I uploaded on social media, which is pitty. But, thanks to PastBook, we have our memories in a special keepsake. It’s great to browse the pages and look at the photos time to time.

“I also use Facebook and Instagram but I barely look back or remember the photos I uploaded on social media, which is pitty. But, thanks to PastBook, we have our memories in a special keepsake.”

– That’s great! How did you find your “Moments of Love” book? Which are your favorite photos?

Debra: We are amazed. I was always postponing preparing a photo book for us. One day John told me that he saw PastBook’s nice discounts and asked me to prepare. We sat down together, we chose our photos from our laptop and other clouds. We were even able to choose photos from our Google Photos account. That’s brilliant.

John: Yes, and as an impatient person, I was worried that it would take us so much time, but creating our Moments of Love book was extremely fast and easy!

– We are very glad to hear that you enjoyed and loved your “Moments of Love” book! What is your plan for this Valentine’s Day?

John: Can we pass this question? I have some top secret thing in mind!

Debra: Oh, so curious!

– We are also curious about your surprise! Thanks for sparing your time for us! We hope you both will spend a wonderful Valentine’s day and be always caring each other like this! Anything else you would like to add?

Debra: Thanks for the nice words. We are happy that our moments of love is now safe and sound, ready to relive and enjoy whenever we want!

John: Thank you for your time, thanks PastBook!

Lovely couples all around the world! If you are also inspired from the love between Debra and John, you can also keep your moments of love into a beautiful photo book! If you want to surprise your special someone, you should hurry up so that your photo book arrives on time! Make your loved ones happy, they deserve it!

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