Seriousassblog Here at PastBook we are growing fast and we will be growing considerably over the next 12 months to keep up with the demand of our exciting project.

For us it’s more important to find a smart guy or girl with an open mind that believes in the project rather than someone who is just looking for a job. Passion for your work, technology and new stuff is a must. Agile and lateral thinking skills are key for us. If you are not Agile yet, you will become it soon with us!

We prefer a full-time position, based in our cozy office, located in the heart of Amsterdam, with a beautiful canal view. Successful applicants will work with an enthusiastic and international team.

We enjoy a casual and fun working environment in an open concept office.


Do you want to have fun and work with us?

Do you like new challenges?

Would you like to join our team?

PastBook is hiring!

Current open positions:


Technical Leader / Full Stack Product Developer

We’re looking for a smart person to join the team full-time that can take the lead on the technology/product side of the business and build a top-notch tech team around him/her. We offer great salary + equity.

The role requires great 360° technical and communicational skills + leadership, autonomy and dedication.

You’ll work close to the CEO to define the product roadmap and KPI and it will be your responsibility making them happen in autonomy, defining the technology stack, architecture and scalability – building, maintaining and monitoring them with your team.

You’ll also be responsabile of building a new architecture on top of the current one and dealing with partners for technical integration, taking care of the software and infrastructure (cloud) side of it.

At the beginning, you’ll have to be autonomous in managing a project from a-z with the support of the founders, taking care of both front-end and back-end activities – with a key role in taking technical and product decision that will have to be kept well documented.

Within the time you’ll have to hire developers or contractors to join the team and be able to manage them, maintaining a good discipline of coding and best practices. To reach that stage, you’ll have to work hard, hands on on the code – mastering the architecture, understanding how it works at each level (API/Frontend/Backend/Infrastracture) until you’ll know it better than your pockets.

Product management and design skills are a plus. Agile and Lean methodologies are preferred.
Being able to understand and play – by case – with the balance between startup/business needs (i.e. have something good enough out ASAP) and technical-debt (i.e. re-work, re-factor) is key.

Knowledge on (native) mobile application development (iOS and Android) is a plus.

Personal attitude and team fit will be an important criteria in the selection process.
Your position will be key for our growth and success. Exciting time ahead – it’s gonna be fun !

You’ll have to deal with:

  • Apache + MySQL + Redis. Dedicated servers + AWS (EC2, S3 and more)
  • PHP5, HTML5 (responsive design), CSS/JavaScript (Bootstrap, Less, Coffeescript, jQuery)
  • Template systems: Twig, Handlebars, Smarty
  • Silex, Slim, Grunt/Gulp, RESTful API, Vagrant, Puppet
  • Git + svn
  • MVC / OOP (frontend/backend)
  • Interface design and UXP
  • Site performance and trackings

You are:

  • Native/Fluent English speaker (it is a must).
  • Good in written and spoken communication, both technical and not.
  • Focused to details. Data driven.
  • Creative, confident, determined, self motivated and proactive.
  • Able to manage time effectively and work under strict deadlines
  • A lateral thinker and problem solver
  • Passionated about technology and development

Are you interested in this position? We would love to hear from you: please send your CV (and LinkedIn + GitHub) to


Web Graphic Designer Intern (Part Time/ Full Time)


We are looking for a talented graphic designer to work with us in the design area.

Technical skills should include experience with Adobe Creative Suite, PhotoShop at least, InDesign and Illustrator is a nice to have. The intern must be able to handle multiple projects under flexible and extreme deadlines. Experience in web design, understanding of the printing process is a plus.

It is our hope that the internship will transition into a full time position.


  • Graphics Design undergraduate student; minor in communications is desirable
  • Experience with communications related graphic design
  • Industry experience using graphic design software
  • Experience using video/audio capture and editing preferred
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to work on a team
  • Effective written communication skills
  • Experience in responsive design
  • Experience designing & producing projects from concept through execution


Would you like to apply for this position? Please send your CV to and please include your portfolio.


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