Introducing the new video series: How to PastBook



The fresh video series ‘How to PastBook’ has been born! In this latest how-to series, we will show step by step how easy it actually is to make a PastBook photo book.

How to & more

What are we talking about in this series? We focus on explaining how to make different types of PastBooks, such as Facebook Yearbooks. Also, we look into various ways to customize your amazing photo book and make that beauty to your deepest liking.



And not only that!  We also uncover all the hidden features you might never hear about as well as those types of photo books you had no idea they indeed exist.

Cannot wait to see it for yourself? These are all the episodes we’ve already released. But this is just the beginning!

How to PastBook: Introduction

How to PastBook: FB Yearbook photo books

How to PastBook: Customization


Do you have all the information you need? Create your photo book now.

Create Your Photo Book Now



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