Infographic: Where are PastBook’s users located?


Fun facts about PastBook:

  • Our users come from 6 different continents (scientists or penguins in Antarctica should drop by)
  • That’s 91 countries in total
  • Europe makes up over half of our users
  • But North and South America aren’t too far behind
  • We ship to every country in the world, for free (on orders over 24 pages)!

A special shout out to:

  • Iceland
  • Nepal
  • Kenya
  • Uruguay

Where are you guys? We bet you have some truly beautiful pictures of your countries :)


Here’s a run down of the most popular places to find our users:

Top 10 Countries

             Top 10 Cities

1. Netherlands
                 1. Amsterdam
2.United States
                 2. London
 3. Italy
                 3. Milan
4. United Kingdom
                 4. Athens
5. India
                 5. New York
6. Australia
                 6. Melbourne
7. Germany
                 7. Singapore
8. Japan
                 8. Rome
9. Canada
                 9. Chicago
10. Greece
                 10. The Hague


If you want to help us get to 100 countries, why not check out our website!


You can try making a photo book for free here:


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