“I received The Perfect Gift on my birthday!” – Interview with our customer Eda


Last week, we received a lovely review from one of our customers – with a super nice video! Our customer Eda shared with us The Perfect Gift she received on her birthday – a special birthday PastBook photo book prepared by her sister. We reached Eda and asked her some questions. Let’s learn how PastBook surprised our customer Eda:

First of all, happy birthday again, Eda! Can you share with us your experience with receiving your first PastBook?

Oh my… I still feel very emotional when I remember that day I received my special photo book. It was my birthday, and I went to work very early after a huge party last night. I was a little bit tired and sad that it was during the weekdays, but still so much enjoyed my time with my friends – it was the important thing. When I came at the office, I saw a package on my desk. It was not covered as a gift, but it was a special box, so I understand that I received a post.

interview with our customer Eda

– Oh, how surprising! So you didn’t know anything about the gift?

No, nothing. Because my colleagues were planning to celebrate it in the afternoon, and I didn’t know anything more.

– That’s awesome! And?

And I saw the logo of “PastBook” on the box. It was nicely designed with a special “enjoy your memories” paper. Once I opened it, I saw a book which has “Happy Birthday Eda!” on top of it. I saw the first photo, a photo from my childhood that I shared on Facebook! Then I realized that somebody from the family prepared a photo book for me. I started crying seeing that it was arranged chronologically from my childhood to my university times, and up until today.

“Once I opened it, I saw a book which has “Happy Birthday Eda!” on top of it. I saw the first photo, a photo from my childhood that I shared on Facebook!”

– Such a nice idea! We are so happy that your sister let you to relive your memories in a special way. What kind of photos was in your photo book?

Many photos. Photos of our family trips, photos of last year I traveled to the USA, and the year I studied in France, and more. All those beautiful memories with my friends and family. I became speechless… But, one thing I also really like is that the high quality of the book. The resolution of the photos, the design of the cover, and the paper quality, all were so perfect!

“The resolution of the photos, the design of the cover, and the paper quality, all were so perfect!”

interview with our customer Eda

– We always think that our customers deserve the best. How did you find out that it was your sister who prepared the book?

We have a family group on WhatsApp. I was very excited, couldn’t think best, and directly texted and sent the photo of the present to the group. And then, my sister called me singing “Happy Birthday”, asking if I enjoyed the gift. She arranged everything, collected all my photos on my socials, but also mentioned that it was so easy and quick to create a photo book with PastBook. All my colleagues were looking at me and they all asked me about what kind of photo book it is. Almost everyone decided to create for their friends and families after seeing the photo book and my reaction.

interview with our customer Eda

– It must be great to have an unforgetable gift as yours. We are happy that we are somehow a part of it. Would you like to share anything else with our readers?

I’ll never forget such a meaningful gift! It was definitely The Perfect Gift with all my childhood memories and great moments I spent with my family and friends… I put it on my shelf where I have the most valuable objects I collected all around the world, in my living room. Now, I can show it to anyone who visits me, probably they will find themselves in the book as well. I’d suggest everyone who wants to make their loved ones happy to prefer photo books, memories matter! Thank you my dear sister, thank you PastBook!

Each time we hear our customers getting happy and emotional with receiving their PastBook, we feel very happy and motivated! You can also make your loved ones happy with a special and emotional keepsake, just like Eda’s sister did. You can send us your PastBook moments, and be our next interviewee as well! Especially during this time of the year, when we all begin to countdown for the New Year, you can prepare The Perfect Gift and let your friends relive the best moments of 2016, and any other year they prefer.

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