How to Use PastBook as an Educational Tool

Back-to-school season has officially started: parents run around shops to get the necessary supplies, students are catching the last sun rays, trying to seize the remaining summer days, teachers are preparing schedules, organizing classrooms, coming up with ideas for a good kickoff to the new academic year. We prepared some tips for you on how to use PastBook as an educational tool: for interactive and interesting tasks.

Pre-school and elementary school

Photography on the whole is a tested and proven method of teaching kids in early childhood classrooms. When used effectively, photographs can contribute a lot to regular classes and diversify tasks. Pictures can be used in activities that spark kids’ imagination and help them discover the world around. Here are some suggestions how photo books can serve as educational tool for pre-school and elementary school children.

– For the smallest ones, a photo book can serve as a tool to learn the letters. Together with children, make big letters from clay, papier-mâché or carton. Arrange a photoshoot with kids holding those letters and collect the pictures in a photo book to hand out in class. Kids will feel a lot of engagement, will learn faster and, of course, such photo book will serve as a great keepsake for the whole group.

kid painting
Al’s Pals

– Ask parents to give their kids a camera to shoot everything they find interesting inside and outside of school. It was proven that when children take pictures without adults’ supervision, the images turn out to be much more creative and unique, compared to the ones taken when grown-ups control the process. So give the kids an absolute freedom, let them snap whatever they want: a family dinner, a playtime with their pets or other kids, the way from home to school, some activities they are being engaged into. Suggest the kids to create small photo books with their pictures and make a presentation in class. Let them speak about what they snapped and why. Make the presentation interactive, other kids should participate in the discussion. This task will encourage children to look around, pay attention to the things they see in their every day life. Presentation will enhance their oral skills and enrich vocabulary of all the children in class (for instance, some of them know what a fire-distinguisher is, others will ask the presenter or a teacher: this will help them learn new words).

– Give kids a task to snap a photo every day. You can also establish some rules (for instance, on Monday capture a smiling face, on Tuesday – a cat, on Wednesday – a reflection of anything in a puddle). After the week of shooting, suggest organizing all of the themed pictures into separate photo books. Browse through them in class, compare the photos or ask the kids to guess who shot what. This fun activity will burst kids’ imagination, teach them to distinguish their place in the group (the task was the same for everyone but each photo turned out to be unique) and again, pay attention to the world around.


– Photos can also serve as a storytelling exercise. Take pictures during your visit to the zoo and let the kids talk about trip, according to the photos they have. This task can concern just one school trip, a month-project or even the whole year.

– A photo book that reflects the whole year’s activities will serve as a great keepsake. You can encourage parents to help you organizing a photo book for each child individually (include the photos of his or her drawings in the book, use some funny expressions as captions). Another option is to create identical photo books for the whole class, with photos from school trips, special school projects and every day classes. You can also invite parents to contribute with their shots. When creating a PastBook, just share the private link to the album with parents: they will be able to add their photos to your collaborative book.

Secondary and postsecondary education

– PastBook photo books are great for class projects where students can work all together or in groups. PastBook platform allows creating collaborative photo albums, so that everyone can have an access to them. Let’s say, you are studying the Renaissance art. Split the class into 4 groups, each is responsible for, let’s say, one century of the Renaissance period, from 14th till the 17th. The task is to find paintings that represent a certain century, collect them together in a photo book and give a presentation in class. The book can be printed out or be viewed online: the most important thing here, is that all the members of the group can easily participate in the project by adding their photos directly to PastBook.

PastBook art

– The same principle can work with any kind of research or class project where students need to do a visual presentation: collect all the pictures together with a study group or with the whole class. It can be a project on the local historical landmarks, where students need to take photos of buildings and monuments and then give an oral presentation about them in class; or maybe a biography of a famous person, with images of him or her. If you create the book and let the students fill it in, you will also see who contributed what, and have the control over the photo book.

– You can fill in the photo book with visual materials, like tables, graphs, etc. and give the books away in the class. With PastBook, creating these give-away materials is very fast and easy. Plus, educators get very attractive prices for bulk orders.

– Finally, you, your students and their parents can collect all the pictures from trips, sport events and everyday school routine in a school photo book. It is the best way to preserve the school memories, to be able to relive cherished moments again and again.


So here you go, photo books are not just for collecting and printing the photos out. They can serve as a great educational tool, sparking kids’ imagination, developing presentation skills, teaching how to work in a group. Here at PastBook we admire people who deliver knowledge and culture to the next generations. In order to support you, we offer very attractive prices for educators. Create a photo book now or contact us for more information: [email protected]

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