How to make a summer hashtag photo book?

Hashtag photo book is the fastest and easiest way to collect all your summer photos from Instagram with a particular hashtag. Together with your friends, or just by yourself – your summer adventures PastBook is instantly created with just one click! Intrigued? Scroll down to learn more about hashtag photo book or create it right now!

The summer gathers pace, the days are long, the nights are short, we spend more time outside, the air is vibrating with joy, love and happiness, the amount of smiling faces grows at an exponential rate. No shirt, no shoes, no problem. Beach, road trips, popsicles, summer rain, flowers, fields and lakes, pool parties, adventures. What is on your summer bucket list?

We breath the summer air, absorb smells and flavours, trying to make these sensations last forever. Summer will eventually be gone, the heat will fade away, but there is a way to keep all the emotions forever. There is a way to put a bit of summer in a small box and open it when a winter evening is especially long and cold. There is a way to make the summer last with the ultimate summer hashtag photo book. How exactly? We will share this small secret with you.

Step one: Seize the moment

Be aware of what is going on around you. Magic is happening every second, wonders are waiting for you to stop scrolling the Facebook newsfeed on your phone and look around. Teach yourself to notice small things, like the flight of a bumblebee (how does he fly with such tiny wings and enormous body?), or a paper plane floating above the streets, set by a stranger who lives on an upper floor. The moment you start paying attention to the details, you will find out how many incredible things there are around.

Summer in London
© bayek photography


Step two: Freeze the present

Think about it: with a simple camera or phone you can capture a moment that is gone forever, that will never come back. And you are able to freeze it and get back to it whenever you want. Isn’t it a miracle? Try to make at least one photo a day this summer. Doesn’t matter if you have a professional camera or snap shots with your phone: each day has something special to offer. For more motivation, join a #hashtag challenge, like #100happydays or #365project – turn photography into a habit.

Step three: Collaborate

You are doing a great job capturing all the precious summer moments. But your story will be more vivid and colourful if captured from different angles. With a different attitude, in a different manner. Suggest your friends to create a summer story together! In the next steps we will guide you through the easiest way of how to collect all the summer photos together with your friends.

© Julia Lillqvist


Step four: Come up with a name for this summer

You and your friends can collect all the summer photos under the same hashtag, all you need to do is to upload all the photos from your camera to your Instagram account. Come up with an original tag that hasn’t been applied before: use your names, nicknames or come up with a phrase that describes your group of friends, for instance, #lucyandfriends2015. Check beforehand if this tag already exists. Now, if you search #lucyandfriends2015 on Instagram, you will find the photos that have been taken under this tag.

Step five: Collect the memories

Now, we are getting to the most interesting part. Create a PastBook: type the hashtag that you used throughout the summer, click “Create” –  voilà – all the photos with this particular tag are automatically collected in a vibrant summertime hashtag photo book! Note that the maximum amount of the tagged photos in your PastBook is 200. PastBook also allows you to pick the exact time range for your Instagram photos (for instance, June 21 – September 5): import all the pictures from the particular months and enjoy all the summer moments collected together!

And of course, the option of the private hashtag stays as it was before: if you tick the “private” option and type in a hashtag, only your photos with a particular tag will appear in your PastBook. Feel free to apply any hashtag you want, to be able to collect all the pictures in your summertime hashtag photo book in the end of the summer! Check out step-by-step instructions.

Day 200/365 ~ Picture Perfect Memories Scattered All Around the Floor
© Amanda Mabel


Step six: What else? 

If, for any reason, you don’t want to apply hashtags or use the time range tool, there are still easy ways to collect all the summer photos in PastBook. Just create an album with PastBook and invite everyone to participate in filling it in. You will have a unique link to your album, share it on the social networks or send it by email, your friends will have an access to it through the website or use a QR-code to upload the photos.

Do you snap most of your photos with phone? Download the PastBook app on iPhone and upload your summer photos to the album immediately after you shot them. Check step-by-step instructions.

Step seven: Just do it

There is no reason to hesitate anymore, follow our instructions and enjoy all your summer photos collected together! It is essential to keep the precious summer memories, because, as Henry David Thoreau said, “One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” Enjoy the summer, there is plenty of it ahead!




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