How to Hang on to Those Holiday Memories with Airtours


For many of us, the hard-earned getaway is our most magical time of the year. And though none of us ever want to leave, we do so feeling enriched; having seen new sights, experienced new things and made some wonderful memories. Some say all memories fade over time, but this needn’t be true. At PastBook we’re dedicated to turning your social media memories into high-quality, hassle-free photo books! We spoke to Airtours, who’re dedicated to great holidays, to bring you some tips on retaining those getaway moments. Here are 5 tips to follow in order to turn your holidays into wonderful memories:


1. Purchase a Memento.

Wherever in the world you end up, you’re sure to find a huge collection of mementos on offer, and there’s bound to be something to suit you. Pop into a gift store and see what you find. Try and look for something that really links to a magical moment on your holiday – did you spot a native species on your travels? Why not buy a figurine of it? Is there a local craft on sale? Go for it!

2. Find a Memento

Sometimes the best mementos are the ones that cost you nothing. Nature creates its own. A pebble from the beach, a shell from the ocean or bottling some sand are popular choices. Just be sure to check whether you’re okay to take the object out of the country you’re travelling in and into the one you’re travelling back to, and of course – never take from ancient sites or protected areas.

3. Bring Home a Recipe

Trying some local food that may be new to you is one of the most exciting things about travelling.Make sure you sample a local dish on your holiday. If you love it, why not ask for a recipe? Many restaurateurs will be proud to tell you what goes into their specialty. Once you’re home, have a go yourself and let the taste take you right back to paradise. Yummy!

4. Write or Blog About Your Experiences

Writing is a really great way of clinging on to every detail of those cherished holiday experiences. Keep a diary of your activity while there, or if you’re too busy, make some notes and write it up when you get home. Why not stick it in a blog online? That way, you can share it with friends and family too.

5. Take Photos!

Unsurprisingly, taking photos is our favourite way of hanging on to holiday memories. It really is true that a picture tells a thousand words. Snap scenery, sights and selfies! Share them with friends on Facebook, have them developed and display them around the house; or with help from us, put them into a beautiful photo book so all of those magical memories are right there for you to relive them anytime you like.

A dream holiday should never be forgotten! And it needn’t be. These inspirational ideas should help your getaway live on while enabling you to relive your beautiful memories; long after the flight home has landed. Relive your beautiful holiday memories!


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