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Check out this video to find out How to create a photo album with Friends !


All the photos you have ever taken with your smartphone are spread over your social media accounts like FacebookInstagramFlickrDropbox, Picasa…

You have shared memories with your friends and relatives from moments such as birthdayssports eventsparties, festivals, holidays and college trips.

By creating your own collaborative photo book, you are connecting all the memories that have been fragmented between you and your loved ones. This is the perfect step in creating your collaborative album, so all of your shared moments will never be forgotten.


Follow these 4 easy steps to create the perfect book: 

1.  Simply write a title for your story


2.  After clicking on “Create your PastBook”, a pop-up window will ask to sign up with Facebook or your email address


3.  Every photo album has its own unique and private link. Invite your friends to add their moments by either sharing this link on your social networks or via email.

BONUS! Invite at least 10 friends and you’ll get a FREE printed copy of your photo album. 


4.  Upload your own photos or import them straight from your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, Picasa and more). You can review them adding a short title and a date or add them directly!

pictures-photos-social networks-dropbox-flickr-picasa

That’s it! Yes, it’s so simple!

At the end preview your book!

Browse your book in the form of a physical book by clicking on any corner or other part of the pages or by using the left-right arrow keys. It’s fluid and elastic just like the real book!

preview-online book-photo album-photos


Do you know that…you can customize your book?

Let’s start clicking on the EDIT button to access to the edit panel!

(Just owners (creators) of the book can customize it)

customization-photo album-personal book-keepsake


Update or Remove CoverHide/Show Titles and Dates in just 1 click! 



Edit single photo: 
You can click on the photo to write/edit text (110 characters max), change the date and remove, expand/minimize, rotate the picture!

zoom-photos-caption-photo album-photo book-moments-instagramOr you can easily use these 3 buttons Schermata 2014-10-15 alle 16.21.04  to delete, expand/minimize, edit your photo!



Reorder your moments by simply “drag and drop” and save the new positions

reorder-chronological order-photos


Change the page color. There are a lot of colors and a new “Magic Blur” background available for you!

online book-photo album-collaborative book-keepsake-events-birthdays-party


Here are other tricks and tips that you didn’t know yet:

On the top left corner, a drop down menu contains the list of your saved books!

If you already have the link of your photo album, just open it and you’ll see the sign-in option in the top right menu!

save books forever-facebook book-instagram book-dropbox book


Navigate at any time through the Menu to add pictures, invite friends, edit and see the book and many more. Or use directly the 3 buttons on the right Schermata 2014-10-15 alle 16.05.09

Schermata 2014-10-15 alle 15.42.19


Zoom in a photo. You can share it and comment on it, keeping the conversation going.

Schermata 2014-10-15 alle 15.41.20


Calendar widgetyou can go faster back in time, clicking on the header, in the central, and using the arrows to move.

Schermata 2014-10-16 alle 16.58.37


Delete Book. You can delete your PastBook, opening the Menu on the right and clicking on “Delete Book”!

Schermata 2014-10-21 alle 15.09.58



Do you want to turn your photos in a beautiful printed book?

Once you are ready with your photo album, you can order it printed in just 1 click, using the “Buy Printed” button and following the instruction of our form!

Buy-printed-photo album-keepsake-moments-memories

Your book is printed on 200 grams paper, landscape format (8.5×6), softcover or hardcover.

After completing the order, you will receive the E-Book version for free by email!

Your personal photo album can be delivered to any address worldwide in 5/7 business days, making it the perfect gift for a friend or a special keepsake for yourself!

printed beautiful photo album- photo book


Now that you know everything….





More questions? Write us at [email protected] – happy to help!