How to create Friends Photo Books: Tips from our customer Kelly

As you might know, the world celebrates Friendship Day on the 7th of August. Our customer Kelly, together with her friends Amanda and Sammy, created photo books to celebrate their friendship – and we asked her to share her experience with our readers. Do you also want to surprise your friend with a perfect gift? Get your photo book now or follow these simple tips from Kelly!


I am one of those who celebrates World Friendship Day and I do it because I’m lucky to have the most amazing friends on the planet. Amanda and Sammy are my college friends – we’ve been through many so adventures together: good times, bad times, you know. Although we have always been taking plenty of pictures, none of us has ever printed them out, so we thought: “Now is the time”. Our photos are scattered everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, Google photos, Dropbox, our phones, computers, this list can go on and on. That’s why we decided to join forces and create a Friends Photo Books all together, using pictures from different sources and devices. We created absolutely stunning books in  4 simple steps and I will gladly guide you through them.

Step 1: Create a book.

Go to PastBook website to start creating your book – you will have three options to choose from: Facebook books, Instagram book or books from other sources. I personally Instagram a lot so I went for the option #2. If you prefer other media, fell free to go for the other options: you can create books using pictures from Facebook, Dropbox, Google Photos, Flickr, etc. If you, like me, are obsessed with Instagram, hit the button in the middle and proceed.

Friends Photo Books


Here you have two options. You can set a time range (up to the exact date) – then all of the photos from this period of time will be automatically imported in the photo book. The other option is to set a hashtag, and that’s what I did. Long ago, when we just started using Instagram, Amanda, Sammy and I decided to use a hashtag #KeAmSa (the first two letters of our names put together) when posting photos of us on Instagram. I just typed in the hashtag and all my photos with this hashtag appeared in the photo book.

Friends Photo Books


That’s it, the book with our photos that I shared on Instagram was ready.

Step 2: Collaborate.

Each book has a unique link that you can share with your friends via social networks or any type of messenger. I sent the book’s link to Sammy and Amanda so that they could add their own pictures. In order to add photos to the book, you need to hover your mouse over the button “Add pictures” and pick the option that suits you best: upload from your computer, import from social or cloud services. By the way, the option “Invite friends” is also there.

Friends Photo Books

Sammy is the one who always carries her DSLR camera around but almost never shares the photos on socials – yes, she is this kind of a person. Most of the photos are stored on the multiple hard drives, SD cards, and God knows where. The “Upload from your computer” option worked best for her.

Friends Photo Books


Amanda is a big fan of Google Photos, all of her devices are synced with it. Whenever she snaps a pic with her phone, posts something on Facebook or Instagram, exchanges photos via WhatsApp – everything is backed up by Google Photos. PastBook happens to be the only photo book company that allows importing pictures from Google Photos without downloading them. You can read the step-by-step instructions on how to do it here but it’s pretty straightforward – just pick Google Photos option when selecting the source. Your Google Photos are neatly organized by year and then subdivided into groups: each month in a separate folder.

Friends Photo Books


Everyone uploaded their photos and we proceeded with the step 3.

Step 3: Customize.

The book is fully customizable: you can change the cover, the background colors, add captions, rearrange photos and do plenty of other stuff with it. The platform is easy and responsive – bringing your book to perfection won’t take you more than 10-15 minutes. But hey, girls will be girls, so we decided to pick an evening and customize the book all together to make sure that it fully satisfies everyone’s taste.

Customizing the book is very easy: hit the “Customize” button in the upper left corner and pick the customization that you need.

Friends Photo Books


Click “Layout” and easily organize your photos by dragging them from one page to another, having the overview of the whole book. This feature allows you to play with the size of the pictures and their order which is, to be honest, quite fun.

Friends Photo Books


Finally, our book was ready! We browsed it together to double-check if everything is perfect and proceeded to the checkout.

Friends Photo Books


Step 4: Checkout.

Before buying the book we could upgrade it by changing its size, adding a personal quote and customizing the back cover. It’s possible to pay with PayPal, credit or debit card – which is quite convenient. We ordered three small books for each of us; a 35% discount was applied at the checkout – the more books you order, the bigger the discount is.

Friends Photo Books

If I just calculate the amount of time spent on creating the books (not taking into account the hours of arguing about which photo should be on the cover), it took us between 30 and 40 minutes. After a few days, the books arrived at my address – I haven’t shown them to the girls yet, we agreed to meet on the Friend’s Day and go through the books together. I must say, I am very impressed with how the books turned out – the paper is silky and thick, the hardcover’s quality is also outstanding. I can’t wait for Amanda and Sammy to see them!

I know that our friendship will last forever – just like our memories that are now safe and sound.

All in all, I’m very happy – creating the books was fast and easy, they turned out just perfect and I know that the girls will LOVE them! These books are very important for us – they will always serve as a reminder of all the amazing times we had, of all the adventures we went through together. I know that our friendship will last forever – just like our memories that are now safe and sound.

Do you also want to celebrate your besties? Surprise them with the best gift ever – the gift of memories, the reminder of all the amazing times you experienced together. Get a beautiful photo book with your adventures that keeps all of your secrets, tells so many amazing stories – a keepsake that will be cherished forever.

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