How to create a Snapfish photo book?

Snapfish is an online photo sharing and photo printing service founded in 2000. Not only photo books but also other products such as cards, calendars, and canvas prints are among the products of Snapfish. Snapfish aims to provide with a practical photo book creation process in the same way PastBook does. That’s why we decided to compare these two services by creating a Snapfish photo book from Facebook. You can experience the same process by following our step-by-step instructions:

How to Create a Snapfish Photo Book (in 9 steps).

Step 1: Sign in.

First, you need to sign in to create a Snapfish photo book. Once you go to Snapfish website – on the top right, you will see buttons “Sign in / Join” – press it. If it’s the first time you are creating a photo book with Snapfish, you’ll see the “sign-up” button on the right.

How to create a Snapfish photo book


Step 2: Upload your photos.

You can upload your photos almost from any device – Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and from your desktop. Unfortunately, Snapfish is not integrated with Google Photos.

How to create a Snapfish photo book


Step 3: Select a book design.

After uploading your photos, you can select your book design including the booktype and size. You have different sizes with either landscape or square. Snapfish has an array of pre-designed themes. You can choose the ones that match your style. You can also edit backgrounds, choose a photo layout and add text. Keep in mind that changing the pre-designed themes are not possible.
How to create a Snapfish photo book

Step 4: Autofill or manually place your photos.

You can let Snapfish automatically fill your photo book or you can manually place your photos. Your photos will be processed approximately in 5 minutes.
How to create a Snapfish photo book

Step 5: Edit your photo book.

As we mentioned above, if you have enough time, Snapchat has plenty of editing tools for your photo book.
How to create a Snapfish photo book

Step 6: Review your photo book.

Before you proceed to checkout, you can review the changes you made on your photo book and check the sample text, empty photo slots and photo with low resolution. Once you finished with reviewing your photo book, you can click on “add to cart” on the top right. It takes also another 5 minutes before you get the next step.
How to create a Snapfish photo book

Step 7: Shipping Information.

In the next step, you can fill in the shipping information form.

Step 8: Delivery Options.

With Snapfish, the shipping is not free. Depending on the estimated delivery option you choose, it charges a certain amount.
How to create a Snapfish photo book

Step 9: Order your book.

After you choose your estimated delivery date, you’ll be directed to the cart page with the shipping information of your items. You can click on “Checkout with PayPal” or you can choose among other payment options, and click on “place order” to place your order.
How to create a Snapfish photo book

To recap:

Snapfish has a variety of pre-designed themes to choose from. You can stylize your photo book by adding special symbols and text. You can use the auto-fill option or manually place your photos. While using the auto-fill option, beware that it randomly fills in the pages with your photos – you will probably need to replace most of them. Snapfish gives many options for those who are ready to spend hours on the project.


With Snapfish, you can design your photo books with a variety of stylish themes and editing tools.

How to create a Snapfish photo book


The biggest problem with Snapfish is that the processing time of photos is quite long. If you don’t have enough time to create, edit and review your photo book, Snapfish is not a good option for you. Also, pre-designed themes do not let you customize your photo book according to your preferences. You can still edit, add symbols and text, and change the theme, but you have to choose among the options that are already designed.


Snapfish offers you a variety of nicely designed themes and editing tools – only if you have enough time to spend on each and every photo of your photo book. Also, each time you edit, you have to wait for a long processing time in order to have your photos safe and sound.

If you prefer to have your customized photo book from Facebook in a quick and easy way, PastBook is great for you! You can create beautiful photo books – that are nicely designed less than a minute.

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