How to Create a Chatbooks Photo Book?

Chatbooks is an online service for creating photo books. Founded in 2014, Chatbooks is a young service as PastBook. That’s why we decided to experience the photo book creation process of Chatbooks, and also to find out the similarities and differences between these two peer services; Chatbooks and PastBook.

Chatbooks Photo Book Creation Process

Step 1. Choose a Book Type.

First, you go to Chatbooks website, and click on “make a book now”. Chatbooks gives you the option to create custom books from the photos you have on your device or to select photos from Facebook or Instagram.
Chatbooks photo book

Chatbooks photo book


Step 2. Create Book.

Once you choose the source, you will be directed to the “create book” page, where you give a title to your book.

Chatbooks photo book


Step 3. Add Photos.

On the same page, you can also add your photos. If you are creating a custom book, you can add up to 366 photos, but if you are adding from your Facebook or Instagram accounts, you have the limited option to add only up to 60 photos. If you exceed 60 photos, it creates a new book from the photos left. After selecting the photos, you can customize your 6×6” soft cover photo book with the basic editing options that let’s you to put only one photo per page. You can’t change the photo book size neither.

Chatbooks photo book


Step 4. Checkout Details.

After choosing the book type, naming the book, and selecting your photos, you can proceed to the checkout process. On this page, Chatbooks asks you to log in and to give your address and the account details. If you want to get your photo book fast, you need to pay extra money before you checkout, and then you’re done!


With Chatbooks, you can create good quality 6×6” size soft cover photo books from your device or from your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Selecting and uploading photos are easy with the basic level editing options. Chatbooks is standard -only US- shipping free.


Keeping customization on the basic level, Chatbooks has the page limitation for custom books up to 366 photos, and for Facebook and Instagram books up to 60 photos. Such limitation causes users who want to have more than 60 photos from Facebook or Instagram to pay an extra amount for the second book. Another downside of Chatbooks is that it does not have the option for uploading your photos from Google Photos or Dropbox which are one the most used online photo storage platforms at the moment.


Chatbooks is a super cheap service for people who are willing to pay less money for a photo book – only if you are willing to buy only “one” photo book. Each time you exceed 60 photos from your Facebook and Instagram, it charges you extra money for the second book. Also, if you are planning to upload your photos from Google photos or Dropbox, you have to transfer everything to upload your photos since Chatbooks is not integrated with Google Photos and Dropbox.

You have plenty of photos on your Facebook and Instagram accounts, and want to collect them and relive your moments with a beautiful photo book? With PastBook, you can have custom books up to 300 photos with soft cover, and up to 500 photos with hard cover. Also, since PastBook is already integrated with Google Photos and Dropbox, you can easily upload your photos to create your photo books.

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