How to create a Blurb Photo Book?

Blurb is a self-publishing platform that allows users to create or sell their own print and ebooks. Even though Blurb has a variety of products and services, we decided to focus on the photo book service. In order to compare the similarities and differences between Blurb and PastBook photo book creation processes, we have created a photo book with Blurb including step-by-step instructions.

How to create a Blurb photo book (in 11 steps).

Step 1: Start a new book & choose the size.

Blurb photo book creation process starts with “start a new book” button. Following that, you can decide on the size of your book.

Blurb photo book


Step 2: Choose a book size and style.

In the next page, Blurb asks you to choose your book style. You have four nice options and you can try each of these to see which is the best one for your book.

Blurb photo book


Step 3: Blurb Bookify.

After choosing the size and the style, “Blurb Bookify” process starts. It takes approximately 5 minutes for the process to be completed.

Blurb photo book


Step 4: Choose a Source.

You can choose to create your photo book from any kind of source, from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and also create your books from scratch. It doesn’t take more than 1 hour to create a photo book as Blurb mentions via its motto.

Blurb photo book


Step 5: Select your photos.

After choosing the source, you can select your photos. For instance, if you prefer to create your photo book from Facebook, you can choose from your Facebook photos or albums.

Step 6: Facebook image import.

Facebook Image Import is the process of taking your selected photos and inserting them into your photo books.
It takes approximately 5 minutes for it to process.

Blurb photo book


Step 7: Edit your album.

You can edit your album, change the frame, and design the page you selected.

Blurb photo book


Step 8: Sign in & Save your book.

In the next step, you can save your book via signing in.

Blurb photo book


Step 9: Order your book.

When you complete the customization of your photo book, you can proceed with ordering your book.

Blurb photo book


Step 10: Choose your book format.

Once you clicked on “order your book”, you’ll be directed to the page where you can choose your book format varying from soft cover, hard cover – dust jacket , hard cover – imagewrap.

Blurb photo book


Step 11: Checkout & Select Payment Method.

After completing the customization process and choosing your book format, you can proceed with the checkout process. You also need to specify your shipping details. At the end, you can select the payment method and buy your photo book.

Blurb photo book


To recap:

Blurb has thousands of different templates of photo books with different themes such as cookbook, family book, travel book, baby book and so on. With Blurb, you can customize your photos with a very detailed editing process. If you are experienced with Blurb photo book creation process, it won’t take you more than one hour to finish preparing your book.


The variety of options in the editing process help you to create your book in detail. You can decide for the frame, the size, the style, and the page layout any time.



Having many options to try during the photo book creation process, it can take hours to complete your photo book. Once you start changing, you want to change and to harmonize the whole book. Each new try will take another time before you proceed with checking out.


Even though Blurb offers a variety of products, photo books are not the most practical ones they have. Especially, if you are a busy person, or you are not experienced with the photo editing tools, the process may cause you to spend so many minutes before you order a photo book.

Having easy and quick steps, and in the meantime, receiving a high quality, hassle-free photo book is still possible. With PastBook, you can easily create beautiful photo books from Facebook, Instagram and any source, less than 1 minute. What you need to do is enjoying your free time, and leaving the rest to PastBook to automagically take care of storing your moments. Cherish your time, relive your memories!

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