How to collect all the photos from your wedding?

instagram-iconWe have already mentioned that the importance of the Wedding Album goes beyond discussion. No doubt, the wedding photos have to be gathered in one place and printed out. But how to collect all the photos from your wedding? Is there an easy way? Scroll down to read more or create your Wedding Photo Book now!

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One of the questions that many brides-to-be and wedding planners ask themselves: is there a way to collect all the photos from the Big Day? Do I need to take care of it beforehand? Or chase the guests after the wedding, asking them to email their photos? Do we want only professional photos to be printed out? Or we want to see the wedding from different perspectives and collect the shots from our guests’ cameras as well?

Whatever you decide, we have answers and solutions for you!

Below, we prepared all the options how to collect your wedding photos with the links to the pages and step-by-step instructions and tutorials. PastBook layout is simple and user friendly: it is really hard to get lost while creating an album. Show this page to your guests to make sure that all the photos are collected and stored safely at one place.

Collaborate with your guests

Stephan Lausitz photography
Stephan Lausitz photography

Before the wedding

Your friends and relatives will definitely make thousands of shots during your wedding. Would be such a shame to lose them, right? All you need is just to create a PastBook album before the wedding and invite friends to participate in filling it in! They can have an access to the photo book through the website or use a QR-code to upload the photos during the wedding, and here is how:

After the wedding

Send a reminder to your guests, so that they don’t forget to upload their pictures to your wedding album if they haven’t done it yet. Here how they can do it:

Hired a professional photographer?

Manuel Orero photography
Manuel Orero photography


Whether you have just started planning your wedding or it has already passed, a wedding photo book is always a great idea!

Create Your Wedding Photo Book Now!

wedding photo book printed

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