Holland, this is how you Rock!



We asked you to show us how Holland rocks, and you responded!

Launched to celebrate the last Queen’s Day and the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander, PastBook invited local Dutch and Expats to contribute and share their memories into an all-inclusive collaborative photobook, as a gift for the new King.

PastBook is pleased to present the We Love Holland book, filled with your best moments and stories from Queen’s Day celebrations and beyond.

The collaborative project provided an opportunity for individuals to contribute to their unique perspective into an overall narrative. In particular, it reached out to Expats through project partners Dutch News, I Am Expat, English Breakfast Radio and Expatica NL to be involved as an integral part of the Dutch community.

The final book tells the story of a multi-faceted nation, each photo revealing a glimpse of the culture, imagination, joy and quirky sense of humour that we associate with being Dutch!

Here are just some of the wonderful contributions included in the book:















Above all, it shows how people from all over the world unite and embrace their love of this small but endearing country, and how the memories have touched our lives.

This special edition book will be printed in high quality hard copy, and presented to King Willem-Alexander on behalf of all his citizens, a time-capsule of a moment in history.

A PDF e-book is available to download as a keepsake and to share with friends, just visit and click the download button. If you wish to purchase a printed copy to keep, send an email to [email protected] for more information.

All participants will receive a 25% discount voucher available on any PastBook order, to create their own personal story.

Thank you Holland, and can’t wait for next year to do it all over again!

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