Google’s New PhotoScan App will make you nostalgic!

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Last week, Google announced a brand new app called PhotoScan for the users who want to digitize the “good old days”! From now on, you don’t have to share the blurry photos of your old pictures on your socials. With PhotoScan App, you can turn your printed old pictures into digital versions. PhotoScan also automatically edits your photos, enhances them, and makes them ready to share on your socials.

Easy to use.

Instead of losing a lot of time by scanning each and every photo you have, PhotoScan has a very simple user interface. You can take a picture of your physical photos in order to have a perfect digitized version. Simply lining up the photos with the four dots that will automatically appear on your screen, all you need to do is to shoot the photo, and PhotoScan app automatically prepares the high quality photo for you. At the end, you can save all those photos into your camera roll – only with 1 tap.

New editing features.

Another nice feature of PhotoScan is that your old photos will be automatically customized by the app. By removing glares and cropping out unwanted parts, PhotoScan improves the quality of the old photos. The app also automatically enables you to reach the accurate colors of your damaged or blurry physical photos. Following the release of PhotoScan App, Google also announced that the editing features of Google Photos are renewed and improved. You can now change the exposure, adjust highlights and shadows, and use many other advanced editing features for customizing your photos.

PhotoScan AppGoogle

Google’s PhotoScan App is available on IOS and Android.

Nostalgic Google Photos Photo Books.

After turning your printed pictures into digital photos with PhotoScan, you can also create beautiful PastBook photo books by using them, or from Google Photos. Rather than keeping them in your camera roll, and forgetting their existence, you can make a great keepsake out of those for yourself or for your loved ones to relive your beautiful moments, those good old days!

Also, you can read our blog to learn how to integrate your Google drive with Google Photos, and here you can watch our YoutTube video how to create Google Photos photo books with PastBook – less than 60 seconds!

Get your Google Photos photo book now!

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