Family Photo Book for the Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Photo Books

instagram-iconMother’s Day is coming and it’s high time to think about a perfect gift. What about a professionally crafted family photo book for the Mother’s Day? Create your Mother’s Day photo book now or scroll down to find out how important it is to preserve the family memories and what are the best ways to do it. You can also check out 5 best DIY gift ideas for Mother’s Day – get inspired and create something special with your own hands!

No doubt your mother has plenty of photos in the family archive. When you were a kid, you probably liked to sit together and browse through photo albums. However, nowadays, when all the pictures are stored digitally, the romance of a paper photo album is fading away. It is quite a sad tendency, because the importance of the family photo albums is unquestionable.

Why a family photo book is important?

Let’s admit it, it’s quite fun to look at the photos of your ancestors and find some face features that your kids have now. Photo books always bring a certain thrill, especially if those albums once belonged to your grand- or great-grandparents: you can actually feel the time mark while you browse through the pages! Apart from the sentimental value of the printed photos, they also can serve as an actual historical documentation, the only biographical material people leave behind after they are gone.

Family photographs can tell stories: from the face expressions you can immediately understand who was the head of the family, what kind of relationships were there between the family members, how they spent their pastime, what made them the way they are now.

old family photo

The easiest way to collect all the family photos

These days many of us keep photos on our phones and computers and very often forget to back them up, so that they get lost with the crash of a hard drive or loss of a phone.

We are here to fix it! PastBook helps people easily rediscover their memories, collecting the best moments in one photo book, allowing you to arrange and customize an album yourself. The whole process will take you less than a minute, by the way. If you still doubt what is the best gift for your mother, think no more and get a photo book now!

With PastBook you can easily create an album for your mom with all of her photos stored on various media channels. There are plenty of options on how to collect the pictures in one photo book:

  • You can manually upload the photos from your computer, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr, and more!
  • A customisable Facebook or Instagram photo book with the best shots from your social networks will keep your mom involved into your social life.
  • You can also revive the whole Facebook or Instagram year or create an album filtered by hashtag – just in one click.
  • Family members can contribute to the album by creating a Collaborative photo book.
  • New  iOS app allows you to collect photos from your iPhone! With PastBook app you can also digitalise the old family photos by taking pictures of them – they will be automatically stored in your PastBook album. The pictures of your grandparents are collected together with your latest shots – a great way to track the similarities across the generations!

And many many other ways to collect your family photos and create a beautifully designed photo album – a perfect gift for the Mother’s Day!

Create the Mother’s Day photo book now or read step-by-step instructions!


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