Facebook Year in Review 2015

appicon-6plusThe end of the year is here, which means that many of us look back at 2015 and reminisce about the major events that happened throughout the past 12 months, and about important milestones we have accomplished. PastBook lets you turn all the precious moments of 2015 in a gorgeous photo book – a unique, personal and finely crafted keepsake delivered right to your doorstep.  RELIVE & PRINT YOUR 2015 »

After releasing its list of most talked-about topics of 2015, this week Facebook has launched a more personalized feature – Facebook Year in Review 2015 which recaps the most important moments that happened to you throughout the past year. Unlike 2014, Year in Review 2015 displays only 10 photos that Facebook picks for you, in order to recap the past 365 days. If you are not satisfied with the filtering Facebook provides, you can swap any of those photos with other images that you uploaded or were tagged in this year.

Facebook Year in review


Great minds think alike. Here at PastBook, we believe it’s important to look back and see what we have accomplished in 2015. Unlike with Facebook Year in Review 2015, with our Relive Your Year feature or My Year app for iPhone, you don’t need to narrow down the amount of photos and spend time on choosing which ones represent your 2015 best. All your Facebook or Instagram pictures taken throughout the entire year, together with dates and captions will be organized in a digital book of your memories in less than 60 seconds (which is faster than going through all of your Facebook photos picking the 10 best ones). PastBook goes further than Facebook’s Year in Review: we let you not only recall those special moments of 2015 – we actually let you hold them in your hands. Create your Year in Review photo book now! 

You can also Relive your Facebook or Instagram year on the go with our new My Year app for iPhone. The app allows you to create a sophisticated professional book of memories in less than 60 seconds. Get the app and relieve your 2015 now!

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