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Facebook has recently launched a new feature – Facebook scrapbook to collect your kids’s photos in one place. We talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this new Facebook project and compare it to PastBook scrapbook. Although some of the specs are different, we all strive to the same goal and share the same values: we want the precious moments to be captured and preserved. Create a scrapbook with your child’s photos now – those memories are worth being saved!


Babies and animals domination

Browsing through Facebook feed, we all occasionally stumble upon the photos of babies, cats and dogs – those pictures have invaded the World Wide Web long ago. Although it is not allowed to have a Facebook account before one turns 13 (pets can though, but their profiles have to be set up as Pages), people still manage to bypass the ban and create profiles for their babies with a fake age, in order to be able to tag the infinite amount of photos with them.

There is another Facebook tendency: parents tag each other in the photos of the kids, so that the pictures appear in the news feed of the both partners’ friends. Thus, children digital footprints are left all over the social network even before the kids know what a “social network” actually is.


Facebook scrapbook

Facebook couldn’t miss those trends and used them as an opportunity to launch a new Scrapbook feature – an optional way to organize your kid’s (or pet’s) photos and store them at one place. The feature lets parents add their child as a family member and tag photos with his or her name, creating a scrapbook with all the Junior’s photos. Partners can co-own the Scrapbook album, so that both parents are allowed to tag their child, and then their friends are able to see the photos that are shared in the Scrapbook.

You can upload your baby’s pictures to any of your albums, including profile picture and a cover photo. Once tagged, those pictures are linked to the customisable scrapbook, so that they can be easily found in one place. Thus, children are present on Facebook even though they don’t have official profiles.

Facebook product manager and a proud father Dan Barak, who developed the feature, says that the project is “a labor of love”: his intention is to help parents organise their children photos so that they don’t get scattered across different photo albums. The idea is actually very sweet and reasonable, many parents will definitely benefit from this new feature. However, the launch of Facebook Scrapbook raised many questions and sceptical comments.

Facebook scrapbook

People speak

Although Facebook is concerned about its users’ privacy and lets the children “inherit” their scrapbook once they turn 13, the ethical issues still come up. For instance, John Patrick Pullen in his article “Why Facebook’s Scrapbook Is Bad For Your Baby” points out that parents should be very conscious about sharing their kids’ photos on Facebook, as it is not fair to determine people’s online identity before they can actually articulate what their tastes and preferences are. When children grow up, they might be embarrassed of those photos in the bathtub collected in the scrapbook, and this can happen before they turn 13 and are able to delete or close the scrapbook.

Larry Magid in the article for the Mercury News encourages parents to “think before post”: pictures that seem cute to you and your friends might be interpreted differently by strangers. He also warns the users about the identity theft and suggests that parents should be careful about disclosing their kids’ personal information: full name, date of birth, location, etc.

Also, Facebook has not found yet an elegant way to handle the situations with divorced parents: at the moment, only two people who are in Facebook relationships can owe and modify a scrapbook. Therefore, step-parents, for instance, cannot contribute to the album and tag their step-children.

Finally, Josh Constine from TechCrunch notices that the new feature is also a business move: in order to create a scrapbook, you need to indicate yourself as a parent, that helps Facebook’s advertisers target you with ads for children products.

Facebook scrapbook layout

PastBook scrapbook

Despite all the criticism, here at PastBook, we definitely support the initial idea of scrapbook and the philosophy behind the project, as we promote the same values and encourage people to collect and preserve certain precious moments. As eloquent Chuck Palahniuk noticed, “It’s easy to attack and destroy an act of creation. It’s a lot more difficult to perform one”.

We have a long history of creating scrapbooks together with our customers, we printed out plenty of photo books with baby pictures, a great number of families store their photos on our platform. Therefore, we are perfectly aware of how important it is to keep all the memories in one place and have an easy and convenient way to access them. We constantly talk to our customers: years of experience helped us to finally figure out which features are important for a children scrapbook.

  • Media diversity. Usually our photos are scattered across multiple media platforms. Your Facebook pictures don’t always duplicate the ones from Instagram, your Dropbox has couple of folders from vacations and the rest of your photos are stored on your hard drive. When creating a PastBook scrapbook, there is no need to be limited to only one social network: you can use photos from any kind of media: Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, the archives from your computer – everything is possible! If you want to collect all the photos of your child at one place – just create your kid’s scrapbook and keep on uploading new photos there – fast and easy.
  • Privacy is the key. We believe that it is very important to be able to share your happy moments with the ones you love. But we also think that certain information should reach only certain audience. That is why when you create a PastBook, you are the only person who determines who can see the uploaded photos. If you wish, your friends and family members can contribute to your albums; it is also easy to reach your virtual audience: with just one click your photo book is shared on the social network of your preference. World Wide Web makes it hard to stay private but we do our best to keep your photos safe on our platform.
  • Social media challenge. Creating a baby scrapbook is definitely a family activity. But are all of your family members on Facebook? Are all of them advanced PC users? PastBook is “grandma proof”: easy to use, simple layout, step-by-step instructions and tutorials, 24-hour customer support. Moreover, you don’t need to be on any social media to create a PastBook. Even if your grandma is not on Facebook, she still can participate in the creation of a scrapbook, browsing through the album and even adding photos from any media.
  • A contribution to the family legacy. As we were growing, our parents carefully collected our pictures and kept them in the family albums. One of the brightest childhood memories – spending an evening together with the whole family, browsing through photo albums, listening to the stories of your ancestors, reliving happy moments, talking about “good old times”. Nowadays, in the era of digital photography, most of the pictures never get printed, many of them are lost in the cloud of multiple social networks, some disappear forever with the lost data media or get stuck in the broken hard drives. It’s high time to revive the traditions and start printing your photos out – your kids will be grateful for that!


pastbook photobook


Childhood, as everything in the world, has its end; and before this day comes, we definitely should capture as many of those precious moments as possible. PastBook cares about your kids’ pictures as much as you do and we want to provide you with the best platform to keep your memories safe: your family photos deserve the best treatment.

Create a Scrapbook Now! or learn more about Facebook photo books.

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