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A great way to celebrate the end of the academic year is to create an Education photo book! Collect the brightest kindergarten, school, college or university moments, together with classmates, teachers and parents – in a beautiful PastBook! A children-friendly Kindergarten Photo Book, a School Photo Book with all the school photos, a Yearbook to revive the school year or a Graduation photo book to mark the graduation festivities – everything is possible!

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Kindergarten Photo Book

Together with other parents, collect all the special moments from the kindergarten years – trips, fashion shows, sport activities – in a beautiful photo book with kinder-friendly layouts!

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School Photo Book

All the school photos of your child organised in a neat School Photo Book – a perfect way to remember your kids’ school milestones and keep the memories forever!

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Yearbook Photo Book

The easiest way to revive the school year and put all the photos together in one album: no confusing layouts, no time wasted on collecting and organising pictures – we do everything for you! Invite your classmates, teachers and parents to participate in creating your yearbook masterpiece!

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Graduation Photo Book

Planning on an outstanding graduation party? Don’t forget to create Graduation photo books for your classmates and teachers! Together with friends, collect the best shots from your graduation ceremony and/or the graduation party,  and turn them into a stylish photo book!

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Did you know that you can also create your Graduation photo book on iPhone? Get the app now!

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There is more!

You can always personalize your album by customizing the Photo Book with a favoritedesign, picking a cover, theme, title, background colors and captions.


Get your photos printed!

Once you are ready with your photo album, you can order it printed in just one click, using the “Buy Printed” button and following the instructions on the form.

Your photos are printed in a professionally crafted photo album and can be quickly delivered to any part of the world!

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