Disappointed with Your Facebook Year in Review? My Year Lets You Relive Your Year the Way You Want To

Facebook Year in Review has been recently launched and already got some negative feedback from the users. Limited amount of photos to share, cropped Polaroid frames, and other complaints from Facebook users – we believe that your year deserves something better than this. If you are disappointed with Facebook Year in Review, try My Year – a smooth and frictionless app that allows you to collect and display all of your photos with captions from the past year on Facebook or Instagram in a beautifully-designed, professionally-bound book. 

This week Facebook launched its Year in Review – an annual nostalgia-inducing feature that offers you to look back at the photos that you shared in the past year. The tool picks 10 photos which, according to Facebook, represent your year best. In 2014 the feature didn’t filter users’ photos and surfaced everything they went through the year. Year in Review was criticized for revealing the memories that can be tough and painful. This year Facebook weeds out the bad memories and makes the feature customizable so that users can decide themselves which moments are worth remembering.

Although this year Facebook is not hurting anyone’s feelings, the feature has received some critical reviews already. We decided to compare Facebook’s Year in Review with PastBook’s My Year to spot the differences and similarities.

Facebook Year in review


10 photos are not enough. #IHaveMoreMemories

This year Facebook users have a freedom to decide which moments they want to recollect, however, they have to narrow down their memories to just 10 photos. What if there were many more pleasant moments in the past year? Why do I need to prioritize and choose which of them are more important than the others? What if I want less than 10 moments to be included in my Year in Review? My Year gives you all the control you need. The app collects all of your Facebook photos without exceptions – and then you can remove unpleasant ones before sharing them publicly. The freedom of choice remains, but you don’t have to set the limits of how many moments you want to share.

Screenshot 2015-12-18 14.24.05


It takes ages to pick the right photos. #IValueMyTime

Choosing 10 best photos out of 20 can be fun. Choosing 10 out of 500 is frustrating. What if there are more than 1000 of them? Going through all the bright memories trying to pick the ones that represent your year best, can be time-consuming. After all, we are not organizing an exhibition here, we just want to show our friends how our year went. My Year lets you collect all the memories in less than 60 seconds – it’s definitely faster and easier than scrolling through the endless flow of photos.



Polaroid-like design crops the pictures. #StopCroppingMyFriends

Any picture that you put into a Polaroid frame looks nostalgic – this is probably the reason behind the design Facebook picked for its Year in Review. Great touch, except for one thing: it’s square. Even Instagram pictures are not square anymore, and the users can pick the picture sizes themselves. So why, Facebook, do you crop my friends who didn’t fit into your perfect Polaroid square? In PastBook all the pictures are imported as they are, landscape, portraits or square. You can also put them 1, 2, 3 or 4 photos per page – for the perfect overview of your 2015.

crop my friends


Some photos were shared on Facebook, others were not. #WhereIsInstagramYearInReview?

Facebook is not the only social network that takes care of memories – Instagrammers might want to see their year in review too! My Year allows you to collect all the Instagram memories in a stylish photo book – to store digitally, share with friends or get its physical version – to be delivered to your doorstep.



Unlike Facebook Year in Review, My Year gives you control over the amount of photos you want to share. It takes less than 60 seconds to collect all your photos in a stylish digital photo book, it will never crop your photos (unless you want to) and gives you an opportunity to relieve the year not just on Facebook but also on Instagram. Besides that, PastBook goes further than Facebook’s Year in Review: we let you not only recall those special moments of 2015 – we actually let you hold them in your hands. Create your Year in Review photo book now! 



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