Designer Range of PastBook Covers

As you know, PastBook has a custom cover feature where you can personalise your PastBook by uploading your own photograph or image.

To complement this, we are also releasing a ‘Designer Range’ of graphic designed covers, which are free to download and use as your own cover! Super cool!

pastbook covers

Click on any thumbnail to see the full range.

A few words from our designer, Elisa…

I believe that simplicity is the basis of good design”

The simple elements are immediately recognised by our brain and are reworked in the form of feelings or memories. For example, a simple symbol like a heart may bring to mind a lot of memories and emotions.

I am convinced that memories are something very important and also very private, and to be evoked do not need anything fancy, but something simple that unlocks the memory; a symbol, a smell, a color or a feeling.

In creating these covers I was influenced by what popped up in my mind, and tried to transpose it on paper in the simplest way possible.

The cover with the anchor is my favourite. Though it seems simple, the anchor encompasses deep meaning due to its great importance in navigation, and it was considered, and still is, a symbol of salvation, security and of stability.

The cover of the book is the most important part, the first thing that catches the eye and the first thing that our hands touch. Our books are about memories and the cover is the key with which they are opened.


These covers offer a wide range of themes, cute graphics and bright colours to suit your PastBook, whether you are making a baby book, a wedding album, an Instagram photo book, or a birthday gift for your best friend.

Of course if you are a designer yourself, you can create your own cover design however you like, the possibilities are endless! In future, we would like to feature guest designs from our fans, so get in touch if you would like to be featured.



Step 1. Select the cover you want from the list and click to open to full size

Step 2. Use your ‘right click’ button to save this file to your local drive or cloud storage like Dropbox

Step 3. Create your PastBook in 3 easy steps to see all your photos and memories in a book

Step 4. Click on the ‘customize’ button, then on the ‘cover’ tab.

Step 5. Where it says ‘background’, click the ‘pick’ button and select your designer cover from where you saved it, or simply drag and drop into the box

You now have a beautiful designer PastBook! Save your book as a PDF for free, or order it printed from just 9.90 Euros.

What do you think of our new Designer Cover range? Which is your favourite?

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