Date Ideas for St. Valentine’s Day

People around the world are making plans for the most romantic day of the year. A regular dinner in a restaurant followed by a movie seems boring to you? We prepared a list of not-so-trivial date ideas for St. Valentine’s day! Celebrate your feelings in the most unique and special way: share your Moments of Love! Automagically turn all the Facebook photos of you and your sweetheart into a beautiful photo book. Preserve the special memories forever.


Date ideas for St. Valentine’s Day

1. Surprise your special someone with a breakfast in bed.

Breakfast for lunch by Giulia Di Felice on
Giulia Di Felice


2. Go to an unusual place.

A place which is not too obvious for Valentine’s Day date: a zoo, a museum or an animal shelter. You’ll have lots of fun and explore new spots!

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Monika Dechene


3. Play video games.

Just stay in, wear your sweatpants and get competitive.

kelley f


4. Go ice-skating, even if you are both not that good at it.

You’ve got each others’ backs!

Date Ideas for St. Valentine's Day


5. Write love letters and give them away to strangers on the streets.

Giving love brings you love in return.

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6. Explore your city.

Go on a walking tour in your town and discover the hidden gems you’ve never seen before.

Date Ideas for St. Valentine's Day
Danil Roudenko


7. Hit the gym together!

Your bodies will thank you for that.

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Matthew Dennie


8. Tired of movies? Go to a theatre!

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Caia Images


9. Take a trip down the memory lane.

Recollect all the great moments you shared with PastBook’s Valentine’s Day Moments of Love.

Date Ideas for St. Valentine's Day


10. Build a blanket fort.

Get inside and have a romantic dinner in your secret place.

Cameron Bushong


11. Have an indoor picnic.

Take blankets, prepare a basket with food and wine, and get cozy next to a fireplace. Tip: a fireplace doesn’t have to be real – a YouTube video on your laptop will be sufficient.

Bare couple feet by the cozy fireplace. Man and Woman relaxes by warm fire with a cup of hot drink a by Photographer Smaglov on


12. Host a game night.

Pick your favorite board or card games and spend the evening in a playful mood. You can also invite your single friends – they will be grateful for including them into fun activities on Valentine’s Day.

game amebas by eriolricca on


13. Make art.

Get a canvas, put inspirational music and start paining. You never know, maybe this date will bring new artists to the world!

Date Ideas for St. Valentine's Day
Caia Images


14. Go to a game.

But first make sure that your date is into sports.

Date Ideas for St. Valentine's Day
Leo Hidalgo


15. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day.

Sunset for two by antnw on


16. Read books to each other.

Get cozy under a warm blanket and dive into the world of imagination.

Date Ideas for St. Valentine's Day
Helen Smith


17. Color in coloring books.

It is scientifically proven that coloring has plenty of benefits: it reduces anxiety, increases self-esteem and improves reality orientation. If you have children, do it all together!

Adult coloring books, stress relieving trend, mindfulness concept by Andrea Obzerova on
Andrea Obzerova


18. Go to a children playground.

Push each other on swings, ride carousels, climb ladders: awake your inner child and have a blast!

Couple on swing by Alfred Chan on
Alfred Chan

19. Organize a scavenger hunt.

Depending on the weather conditions, and your hunger for adventures, you can do it either at home or outside.

Date Ideas for St. Valentine's Day
Gable Denims


20. Create a photo book filled with precious memories.

PastBook’s Moments of Love automagically collects all Facebook photos of you and your sweetheart in a beautiful photo book.



21. Go on a day trip to a place you’ve never been before.

Couple and dog reading roadmap in car by Gable Denims on
Gable Denims


22. Build a snowman!

Head outside for a snowball fight, make snow angels and keep each other warm with hugs and kisses.

You and I by Leonie Kuiper on
Leonie Kuiper


23. Spend a night in a hotel.

A change of space can spice up your relationship, no matter which stage you are at. Getting away from every day routine will give the right kick for a romantic night together. Order the room service, cuddle in a big bed and take a bubble bath.

Love American Style
Thomas Hawk


24. Recreate your first date.

Or go to the place where you first met. Let the memories of all the great things that you went through together overwhelm you and help you realise that you are meant for each other.

young woman and her dog surprized by her date by Catalin Grigoriu on
Catalin Grigoriu


25. Do something meaningful.

Donate a box of Valentine’s Day candies to a food bank, send anonymous flowers to a hospital, adopt a puppy… Make someone happy today!


No matter if you have just met or spent a lifetime together. Your feelings must be celebrated! Surprise your special someone with the most meaningful gift – a beautiful photo book filled with the precious memories you share.


Do you have more interesting date ideas for St. Valentine’s Day? Share them with us!


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