Relive your 2012 with PastBook

We’re very excited to announce the launch of the yearly books, the easy way to go back in the years spent on your favorite social networks!

Now you can create in 1 click –both for Facebook and Instagram– a book with everything that happened in one year on your favorite social network: photos, comments and likes!

The book is automatically generated in one click and you’ll be able to customize the book, hiding photos (for Facebook) or changing the colorset (for Instagram). New layouts are coming up in the next months.

It’s possible to relive 2012 simply by going to and downloading for free the PDF version of the book or buying the printed version from € 13,90 worldwide shipping included!


Create the book of your past years and months

Once logged in PastBook you will be able to gain easy access to the books of the previous years for Facebook and Instagram.

Login with your FaceBook or Instagram account and in one click you can create a book.
Download it for FREE as PDF, get it printed or share it with your friends.



Get it printed from €13,90

You can have it printed and you can choose either a softcover or hardcover.

We deliver your best PastBook ever with a FREE worldwide shipping and if you are not satisfied, we will refund the cost of the photo book.




PastBook’s vision –to collect in one place people’s memories providing an online and offline (PDF/Printed) way to relive them– is moving a step forward with this new feature and more is coming in 2013.

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