Creating A Photo Book to Help Change Lives


watts of love photo book to change lives


PastBook is honoured and proud to share this special project with you.

Together with Kevin Kuster and Watts of Love, we present a beautiful book about the inspirational journey to deliver 1,000 solar lights to impoverished communities living without access to electricity in the Philippines.

We first learned about this amazing project while following the Instagram account of @joshjohnson, a thriving photography community.

Chief editor of JJ and photographer Kevin Kuster was documenting his humanitarian mission with non-profit organisation Watts of Love to a remote island in the Philippines by sharing Instagram images throughout the journey.

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The photos revealed the remarkable stories of several families living on Ilin Island who struggle without basic access to electricity. They capture the emotional response of people receiving their solar light, and the extent of how light will improve their living conditions by eliminating hazardous and toxic kerosene lamps, allowing children to study longer and parents to be more productive when the sun goes down.

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We were touched by the story of 40 couples who waited years to get legally married, as they could not afford the costs without the help of a local charity. Kevin Kuster and Watts of Love donated to each couple a wedding photograph, which was printed, framed and gifted to each couple – the first and only photograph these people have ever owned.

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PastBook provided an opportunity to display the photos and text in a digital book format in order to more effectively communicate the full story of the mission, and donated our services to bring this story to life. The book can be downloaded as a PDF, or printed as a hardcopy to help raise funds for future projects.


“As a start-up founder my dream is to change the world. Here at PastBook we deal with technology on a daily basis and yet there are millions of people who have never owned a photo in their life, not to mention such basic needs as having light after the sun goes down. Working with Watts of Love to create and spread this photo story seemed like the perfect match for us, and I hope it can make a difference.” – Stefano Cutello, Founder & CEO

We are proud that our easy-to-use and autonomous online platform allows smaller organizations to voice their presence and mission on a global scale, using minimal resources and the power of social media to help change the world.

This is the same technology that our users and clients can use to self-publish their stories quickly and easily, and share without friction across social networks or offline, in a tangible form.




PastBook will donate 10% from all personal photobooks created using the special code WATTSOFLOVE towards funding for future Watts of Love projects. Visit this special Watts of Love create page and create your book now!

By saving your memories, you can help provide safe sustainable lighting to those most in need.



Kevin Kuster has initiated a Wedding Gift Giving Program to donate 10% of his photography fees from wedding commissions towards assisting couples in these poor communities. Your wedding images can change someone’s life!


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