Cool Ideas for Your Special Wedding

Special Wedding

Wedding season is coming, lovebirds around the world are planning their Big Day, dreaming of the most magical celebration of love that they will share with their family and friends. If you want this day to be joyful and memorable for everyone (not just for you and your sweetheart), you might want to think more about your guests and come up with some ideas to keep them entertained. After all, that’s them who are going to make pictures of your event and post them all over social networks. Make sure that those photos will reflect the happiness and fun you all are having there and preserve those happy memories in the most romantic keepsake – your Wedding photo book!

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Every bride wants to hear “This is the best wedding I’ve been to!” and only the guests who attend it can give this kind of judgment. That’s why it is important to make them feel extra special. We prepared some cool ideas on how to make your wedding memorable so that everyone around won’t shut up about it.

1. Pick the theme

The first and one of the most important rules for a special and unique wedding: Stick to yourselves! Think of something that defines your couple, that makes it one-of-a-kind. Do you both love rock’n’roll? Consider a rockabilly wedding! Did you meet in a park while walking dogs? Make sure your furry friends take a big part in the reception. Do you both enjoy riding bicycles? What if a groom gives a ride to his bride on the backseat of the bike with dangling cans and a “Just Married” sign? Come up with the theme and brainstorm on the fun activities around it.

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2. Pick the venue

The most obvious choice is, of course, a ballroom or a restaurant. Safe? Yes. Exciting? Well, not really. Go back to the picked theme and dance around it. Are you both crazy about laser tag? Rent a playground for the whole day and have fun! Usually, laser tag arenas also have a place where you can eat and relax – for your elder guests who don’t feel like running around with guns.

Another great idea can be to stretch the wedding for a couple of days and invite everyone to a campsite or any other out-of-town resort. Book the location for the entire weekend – it won’t break your budget and everyone will remember this wedding for the rest of their lives!

Special Wedding
truly quirky wedding venues


3. Get creative with the decor

Ditch standard centerpieces and guestbooks and think of something that represents you, that your guests will remember. Ani and Nathan love traveling, so they asked their guests to sign a globe instead of a regular guestbook – and it looked spectacular!

Special Wedding
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You can use mason jars instead of regular centerpieces – it’s unique, fun and your guests will love it. For the extra special touch order Hand-Blown Mercury Glass Mason Jars by Valerie – they are equipped with a timer, and you can set the lighting effect – continuous glare or magical sparkling – to light up the night!

Hand-Blown Mercury Glass Mason Jars by Valerie
Hand-Blown Mercury Glass Mason Jars by Valerie


Your centerpieces can also turn into party favors or thank-you gifts for attendants. Use potted plants instead of cut flowers, so that guests can take it home and have a beautiful keepsake from your special wedding.

Special Wedding


4. #Hashtag your wedding

This is important. Come up with a unique hashtag (for instance, #JerryMarriesMary), make sure that no one has ever used it before, and tell all the wedding attendees (you can also make signs all around the place, as a reminder) to use the hashtag as a caption to the photos that they post on social networks. Coming up with a truly unique hashtag can be tricky so we decided to help you and developed a Hashtag Generator – the easiest way to create a catchy hashtag for your wedding! Just type in your names and surnames, and the program will generate a bunch of lovely hashtags. Click the “Heart” button – the hashtags that appeal to you will be added to the list so that you can later compare them and pick the best one. Add some more information about you and your wedding (your nicknames, date, and location) for more options to choose from. Don’t forget to check Instagram, Twitter and Facebook whether this hashtag has been used before. After the wedding, you will be able to easily collect all the tagged photos in a neat photo book but we will get back to it later.

PastBook wedding hashtag generator
PastBook wedding hashtag generator


5. Get some action

Make sure that there is always something going on during the reception. If you have an outdoor wedding, arrange some yard games like lawn Twister, giant Jenga, badminton or even water balloon fight – for the bravest of your guests. Or come up with a calmer activities: offer hand and foot massages, hire a caricature artist or arrange an ice cream bar.

Special Wedding
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Another way to make your guests move around is to arrange stations with different food and atmosphere: a sushi bar, a pizza table, a sweet shop. Your guests will love walking around exploring new flavors and styles.

6. Try Marryoke

Instead of a four-hour long wedding video, try Marryoke: when marriage meets karaoke. Marryoke involves you and your guests mime along to the lyrics of your chosen song while dancing and feeling like superstars.

Special Wedding


7. Favors to keep

If you want your guests to hold on to the favors after the wedding is over, try to think out of the box and put yourselves in your guests’ shoes. What would you like to bring home after the ceremony? Anything tasty can work perfectly – homemade jam or limoncello bottles, honey or donuts; small but handy things like sunglasses or cute tote bags with your names on it; booze or hangover kits with a bottle of water, ibuprofen and an eye mask; comfy slippers that will save the bridesmaids from dancing barefoot towards the end of the party. Anything memorable, tasty or useful!

Special Wedding


8. Collect the photos

After the wedding, come back to the Wedding Hashtag Generator and collect all the wedding photos in a neat photo book with just one click! Type in the hashtag and click “Create” – all the Instagram photos with the #WeddingHashtag are automatically collected in an elegant wedding book. You can also use “private” option when typing in the hashtag. In this case, only your Instagram pictures will be collected in your wedding PastBook. For more information, check out step-by-step instructions.

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This way, all the photos taken during the wedding will be instantly collected in a photo book that you can then customize: adjust the layout, add more pictures from other sources or devices, invite friends to contribute to the album by sending them a link to your PastBook.

9. Enjoy your stunning photo book!

You can print a photo book with all of your wedding pictures without spending hours on scrapbooking – we do the work for you! Get a beautiful photo book for yourself and print small keepsakes for your guests – this way they will definitely remember your special wedding forever!

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