Ceren’s Tips: How to create Google Photos Photo Books

How to Create Google Photos Photo Books with 1 click

Our photos are scattered around different social media. When it comes to very old photos, it is quite hard to find them from a common source since most of our smartphones don’t give us enough space to keep them. That’s why using Google Photos is practical! Google Photos has a great backup and saves the photos from your camera roll. You photos will be kept no matter you delete them from your smartphone or not.

During our daily routine and business, we want to have things done easy and quick. That’s why, creating photo books with PastBook is the best way to relive your memories.

With PastBook, you can create a photo book importing the pictures directly from the Google Photos library, there is no need to download them on your hard drive! To set up your Google Drive with Google Photos, you can follow very simple steps by visiting PastBook’s “Google Photos Photo Book” page.

You can also create your own photo book from Google Photos by following Ceren’s tips. As Ceren explains in “Ceren’s Tips: How to create Google Photos Photo Books”, you can create a photo book less than 1 minute. Don’t forget to follow next videos of the series on YouTube!

Cherish your memories, share your moments!

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how to create photo books Less than 60 Seconds

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