Celebrate Friends Day with a Photo Book!


The day has arrived! The world is celebrating friendship – today is Friends Day! Two years ago, the founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced Friends Day with a very emotional post on his Facebook page, on Facebook’s 11th birthday. Zuckerberg began his post with these words: “Today is a day to celebrate friends. It’s also Facebook’s birthday, but today isn’t about celebrating us. It’s about friendship.“. Millions of Facebook users shared Zuckerberg’s post, and from this day on, people celebrate friendship on Friends Day – with the hashtag #friendsday.

Happy Friends Day!

Today we woke up with our timelines full of beautiful friendship moments. On this day to celebrate friends, Facebook has a new feature that encourages users to share their videos including the memories that are shared with their Facebook friends. The video is prepared automatically but Facebook allows users to customize the video as well. At PastBook, we value friendship memories as a big part of our lives. With Friends Day book, you can turn the memories of you and your friend shared into a one-click photo book – ready to share with all your Facebook friends! By picking your Facebook friend from the list, you are ready to celebrate your friendship moments! You can create your PastBook Friends Day book here!

Facebook invites the world to share the special moments with friends – it’s time for you to celebrate your Friends Day with a photo book! With PastBook Friends Day photo book, you can turn the beautiful memories you and your friend shared into a special keepsake – a photo book you can share with all your Facebook friends!

Create your Friends book now!

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