Best Apps for Travel Photography

When you get into a travel mode, everything seems possible. You are walking around unknown streets, discovering hidden gems, snapping photos with your heavy, impractical DSLR camera. Wait, what? Don’t you want to be as mobile and flexible as possible when traveling? Carrying around a big camera with additional equipment doesn’t make much sense, nowadays your phone is capable of making incredible shots, and a wide range of apps help you to edit and modify images in order to end up with a perfect set of pictures. We selected the best apps for travel photography – to make outstanding photos and never lose the memories!

For taking pictures


If you want to make photos like a pro but don’t know where and how to start, get PhotoCaddy. Basically, it is a professional photographer-advisor in your phone. The app gives you tips on how to take photos of practically everything: from waterfalls to street performances, from fireworks to weddings. PhotoCaddy has over 500 built-in tips for over 50 different situations. Like a patient teacher, it carefully guides you through the whole process of making a perfect shot. Moreover, there is also a global user tips section where you can read other people’s suggestions and contribute your own ones.

PhotoCaddy App

Available for iOs ($9.99), Android ($4)

PlanIt! for Photographers

PlanIt! Pro for Photographers is a great tool for pre-visualising the scene in combination with the Sun, Moon, stars and Milky Way. An ultimate app for those who specialises in photographing landscapes, nature and likes making shots at night. PlanIt! for Photographers shows you where the Moon and the Sun are going to be located at any time, for any location in the world. Set the focal length and aperture of your camera, drop pins on the map for you and the object that you are shooting, and the app will show you angle of view and depth of field on either satellite or topographic map. PlanIt! for Photographers will let you know if the view is clear (for instance, if there are mountains around that can hide the objects), how many shots will cover the scene if one is not enough, what is the best time to capture a specific star and many many other things.


Available for iOs ($5.99) and Android ($5.99)

For editing


With a wide range of filters and editing tools, VSCO turns your mediocre photos into gallery-worth masterpieces. It comes with a default set of color techniques, plus more options for additional price. Play with filters, edit photos’ intensity, sharpness, grain, vignettes, and fade. The app is especially good for those who miss the look and colors of old film stocks. VSCO sets the mood and gives the photos this gorgeous film look. After editing, post your pictures to social networks directly from the app, or place them to VSCO Grid – a gallery for VSCO users – get inspired and share  inspiration!

VSCO cam

Available for free (with extra packages for additional price), for iOs and Android


The app has a few filters but its real power is in wide range of editing tools: from basic features to more advanced ones, similar to Photoshop. Snapseed is quite a powerful tool, yet, non-intimidating and very easy to use. You can change the whole image or fine-tune just some of its parts by simply sliding your finger. Snapseed is one of the most organic and intuitive editing apps on the market.


Available for free, for iOs and Android

For more than just photos


Each photo tells a story, Over is here for you to make it more vivid, explicit and complete. The app has a range of different art shapes and 25 amazing fonts to express your personality and create one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Over has an Instagram account where they publish pictures tagged with #bestofOver: a great place to find inspiration and show off your creativity.

Over app

Available for iOs ($3.99) and Android ($3.99)


Fragment awakens the artist inside of you and helps you create outstanding images. The app offers prismatic photo effects that allow to create various geometric shapes that overlay your photo. Lots of shapes, frames and patterns, creative designs, smooth functionality and neat interface: this app is very easy to fall in love with.


Available for iOs ($1.99) and Android ($1.99)

To keep track of your travels


There are plenty of apps that give travel advice and map your adventures. Unlike many of them, TripMayor is designed as a photo journal. Users discover places, snap photos with the built-in tool and share them on TripMayor platform. That allows to discover places by browsing through a vast gallery of pictures and find hidden spots that are rarely featured in guidebooks. You can also share your pictures with the TripMayor community, give your own tips or ask for advice from locals or other users nearby.


Available for free, for iOs and Android

When selfie is not enough

Photo Timer and Self Camera Timer

Don’t get us wrong, we love selfies! But there are moments when your hand is just not long enough to capture the view, the group of your friends and your face. Specifically for this occasions you need to get a photo timer app. Photo Timer for iPhone has an audio countdown and allows you to take your time to prepare for the shot – up to 300 seconds! There are also plenty of similar apps for devices on Android, for instance, Self Camera Timer. Clear focus, countdown, possibility to switch cameras (front/back) and other features!

Timer app

Photo Timer for iOs (free) and Self Camera Timer for Android (free)

For (almost) professional shoots

Posing App

So you learned how to set the best light for your photos, downloaded awesome editing tools, but there is one detail that is also extremely important when taking pictures: human factor. Some people are just natural models, they are comfortable in front of the camera and know exactly which pose to take to look gorgeous on the pictures. Others need a little guidance during the shoot. Posing App is an ultimate app for both: photographers and models. It gives you easy-to-understand descriptions and hand-drawn images of poses that are suitable for each and every situation. The app suggests over 300 poses within various groups: children, couples, portraits, etc. Moreover, there is a vast collection of tips & tricks about people photography: use the app for guidance and inspiration in order to take spectacular photos of people!

Posing App

Available for iOs ($2.99) and Android ($2.99)

For printing photos

Postagram Postcards

You are discovering the world while your loved ones wait for you at home? The best way to tell them “Wish you were here” is to send a sweet, emotional postcard. Now you can do it with an app! Snap a photo with Postagram or select it from your phone, Facebook or Instagram account. Add up to 140 characters and press “send” – your photo will be printed out and delivered to the addressee within 2 to 5 business days.


Available for free for iOs and Android


You are constantly grasping moments, photographing instants and saving memories on your phone. Your pictures are nicely edited, modified and brought to the perfection. Would be such a shame to let those photos just get stuck on your phone camera and never being looked through again. PastBook allows you to store your photos on its platform and turn them into a beautiful photo book: the app has a sleek design and is very easy to use. Import your photos from the camera roll, Facebook and Instagram, or take pictures directly with the app: they will be backed up in a PastBook photo book which you can print afterwards to showcase your adventures. Moreover, you can invite friends to contribute to the book by adding their pictures: they all will be collected in a collaborative album that you can always have access to from your phone, tablet or computer.

PastBook app

Available for free for iOs

Travel photography is very addictive and it is a common thing to end up with thousands of photos on your phone when you come back home. Putting them in order can be overwhelming, so we suggest you to think about backing your photos up beforehand. Create a PastBook before setting off and upload your photos directly there: we will make sure that all of your memories are saved forever!


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