Behind the book: the story of Alexa McIntyre


Name: Alexa McIntyre (follow on InstagramTumblr or Twitter)

Place: Seattle, WA, the US

Occupation: Landscape architect and graphic designer

Photo Books: The Adventures of MarkyLex,  The Adventures of MarkyLex – The Wedding,  The Adventures of MarkyLex – The Honeymoon

Each love story has its character, its own twists, turns and peculiarities, but there is something common about all the love stories: they all bring vivid colors to the everyday routine, giving the feeling of thrill and enriching the life with happy moments. We believe that it is important to save those moments and be able to relive the cherished memories. A photo book featuring your love story can serve as a great keepsake, celebrating your love and keeping the memories safe and sound, for many many years. Our customer Alexa McIntyre created three photo books: one devoted to the special moments in her and her husband’s lives, the second one with the photos from their wedding and the one with honeymoon pictures.

I wanted hard copies of photos of my life in the past couple of years, and the big events (wedding, honeymoon, etc) and really liked what I saw with PastBook.

Alexa kindly showed us her beautiful albums: we truly admire this gorgeous couple and want to give you a sneak peek into their adventures.

markylex adventures collage

We are very happy for the guys and were pleased to help them create their albums: just looking at these beautiful people gives you tons of great energy. And let’s admit it, they look amazing together, and all the beautiful things in the world need to be cherished and preserved. Alexa and Mark had a spectacular wedding and a splendid honeymoon, and the best way to revive precious memories is to have them printed in an album: it is not only a great opportunity to live through the happy moments again and again, but also a message for the ancestors: that is how we used to rock! With people like Alexa and Mark we can be sure that the future of the printed photographs is not endangered and their sentimental value is not lost.

Hard copies are always best. People are so busy it can be hard to get it done but it is always worth it.

marylex thank you


Here at PastBook we value your time and energy, that is why we are trying to provide you with a fast and simple way to collect your best photos in one place and have an opportunity to rediscover those precious moments. Of course we want you to have a good time while creating a photo book with us, and that what we are striving for:

PastBook is user friendly, and has a nice website (which always helps). I liked what I saw so I gave it a shot. The whole process was fun, but the best part was getting the actual books!

We always want to keep in touch with our customers, your feedback is very important to us. If you want to be interviewed and have your story behind the book featured in our blog, feel free to contact us, we love talking to you! For now, many thanks to Alexa for being with us, we will try to live up to your expectations! :)

Working with Pastbook was easy and I felt taken care of. I think you guys are doing great, so keep it up!

alexa pastbooks

We hope that marvellous story of Alexa and Mark inspired you to create your own love story/wedding/honeymoon photo books. So think no more!

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