Back-to-school photo ideas to remember these special days forever



Believe it or not but the time has come to go back to school again! Those long and sunny days are over and infinite piles of books in front (some) of us.

Kids just keep growing up so quickly, and it’s happening on our watch! And that’s why the back-to-school photos are so important! Having such a unique keepsake outweighs all the gold in the world.

Have a look on these awesome back-to-school photo ideas to rock these special moments like a pro.

Back-to-school photo idea #1: Candid makes perfect.


Nothing makes you smile more in a few years than candid photographs of such important moments of your little ones. Take as many pictures as possible to relive these precious memories again.


Back-to-school photo idea #2: Start an awesome tradition.

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These back-to-school photos are taken every year at the same time for some time (trust me, it’s a long time). That’s the ideal opportunity to start a cool photo tradition like this one to compose something really special. Try it out!


Back-to-school photo idea #3: Warning – Parents to be included.

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Well, this day is not only about kids! Include yourself as a cool parent and have fun, too!


Back-to-school photo idea #4: Make it count with the original board sign.

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Why not to spice up a classic board sign setting for the back-to-school photoshoot? There are so many creative options when you’ve got a chalk and blackboard at your disposal!


Back-to-school photo idea #5: Chalk it up, big time.

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Talking about a chalk, try to go big! The streets are literally your canvas, there are no limits (but watch out for cars).


Back-to-school photo idea #6: Capture a back-to-school outfit.

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Let’s bring some instagram swag to the back-to-school photoshoot. Set up the stage for the one and only back-to-school outfit!


Back-to-school photo idea #7: Don’t forget the best friends.


If you are able to visit the school with your little ones on their first day of the year, take this opportunity to capture some photos of them and their friends. They will thank you later when they will nostalgically look back on their childhood.


Back-to-school photo idea #8: Let’s get smarty panty with books.

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Who says the book photos are boring? Bring some colors to the shoot and choose a very smart book. Everyone will love it!


Back-to-school photo idea #9: Even more candid pic

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Yes, this could be your picture, too! With the digital photography, you can never run out of film. Go for it and capture some funny memories!

There are so many lovely memories from all these years of school! From the most professional pictures to quick snaps with your kids and family. No matter if you are into photography or just love capturing a unique moment with your phone, we are sure you’ve gathered many precious memories while spending quality time with your loved ones.

Now it’s time to look back and collect all those beautiful moments into a gorgeous photo book! With only one click, you can create a special keepsake and share it with your friends and family!

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