A Very Special Christmas Gift

It’s almost Christmas and many of us still have no idea what to get for our favorite people. No wonder, picking an ideal gift can be very tricky, especially for the ones we love. We are here to assure you that there is nothing to worry about: a great gift doesn’t have to be very complicated. A photo book, for instance, is a very thoughtful and special Christmas gift. A gift that speaks for itself, that shows your love and appreciation. You can make it even more exclusive: just follow those simple tips on how to make a very special PastBook.


Double-up the size of your book

By default, your PastBook is A5 size, 8.5×6 inches or 210x148mm but you can upgrade it to a bigger, A4 size(12×8.5 inches or 300x210mm). A smaller book is cute, but the big one exposes your beautiful photo story to the fullest and gives you a chance to wholly experience the high quality pictures in a bigger size. Finish creating your book, click “Buy Printed” button, pick the amount of books you want to get and continue to the window with add-ons. Tick the “Double Size” box – that’s it! Your big beautiful book will be delivered at your doorstep in no time!

Christmas gift


Tell what your story is about

In the beginning there was a word, remember? That is why we recommend you to add a personal epigraph to your PastBook gift. It can be a famous quote or something that only you this special person will understand. It can be one phrase or the whole intro – you have enough space to elaborate on what your photo book is about. Make your Christmas gift more personal and unique: just add the text you have in mind during the check-out, and it will appear on the first page of your PastBook.

Christmas gift


Make it exclusive

Bring your photo story to the next level of exclusivity: have it crafted and fine-tuned by a professional designer. PastBook Elite is an innovative service that makes the process of book-creating absolutely effortless. Send us your pictures and relax: we will make sure that you get the most beautiful photo book that you can be proud of. We have a bunch of professional graphic designers, illustrators, art-directors and photographers – all outstanding artists, happy to do the hard work for you. They will create your PastBook, taking into account all of your your wishes and recommendations. Without spending any time on it, you will get an exquisite and unique keepsake – a perfect gift, to show how much you appreciate this special person.

Christmas gift

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