7 Reasons to Get PastBook’s Photo Book Apps for iPhone Now!


No matter how sentimental you are, preserving memories is important, and we all are doing a great job recording our lives on Facebook and Instagram. But is it enough to keep the memories safe forever? As many photographers will tell you, a photograph doesn’t exist until it’s printed. Our new iPhone Photo Book apps for Facebook and Instagram go beyond simply recording your social lives, they provide you with a unique experience to permanently preserve them in a beautiful photo book of your memories.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram Photo Book apps for iPhone: Which one are you getting first?

First of all, answer these two simple questions. Do you use Facebook or Instagram? Do you own an iPhone? If your answers are “yes” for the both questions, there is nothing to think about. Go to the App Store right now and get Photo Book Apps for Facebook » and Instagram » 

Still not convinced? Then read on and learn why you should make your next photo book with our new iPhone apps.MainPicture2apps


It’s fast.

It literally takes just a few seconds to create photo books with our iPhone apps. The apps are powerful enough to comply your Facebook timeline or Instagram feed in interactive digital photo books in a snap. The apps automagically arrange all your Facebook or Instagram moments with captions and dates in chronological order, 2 per page.

It’s easy.

All you need to do is to pick the time range of your story. Pick a year, a month or select a custom time range, up to the exact date. You can create photo albums that feature a particular story: a birthday party, a one-month trip, or a full year worth of memories with family and friends. Tap “Get it!” – and you are done! We instantly layout your book in the best way possible, so that you can enjoy the final product without spending much time on customizing it.

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It’s free.

A small pleasant thing: our iPhone apps are free of charge. Making books with the apps is free of charge. Delivery is free of charge. The only thing you need to pay for is printing, but this is optional and we always have great deals for you.

Your book – your rules.

It takes only one tap to create a book, and our clever algorithms will provide you with an amazing layout that you will love. But we can’t take away from you the freedom of adjusting your book according to your preferences. Easily change the book’s cover, delete some pictures, show or hide the photo captions – you can do it straight from your phone by tapping the pencil and selecting which adjustment you want to make. More customizations are available on the web version.

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Accessible from everywhere.

You can create your book whenever and wherever you feel like it. Are you on the bus on the way to work? Are you standing in line at a bank? Waiting for your order in a coffee shop? Brushing your teeth? Or maybe you are completing your freefall parachute jump? Just check your Internet connection and make sure that you have 60 seconds to spare.

Like it? Share it!

Are you proud of your book? Show it off! Hit the “Share button” after your book is done and let your friends browse through your Facebook memories, encouraging them to recollect their special moments.

Your book will look great.

As you flip through the pages of your gorgeous digital PastBook, rest assured that the printed version will look exactly like the online version. We will make sure that the quality of your book is outstanding because our first and main priority is to make you happy.

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What’s next? Follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the App Store:

PastBook for Facebook Photo Book App »

PastBook for Instagram Photo Book App »

2. Download them.

3. Have fun creating your books!

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